Learn More About the Avondale MARTA Mixed Use Development Tonight!


Sorry, I should have posted this notice earlier in the week, but it sure sounds interesting!

Tonight at the Decatur Public Works building, you can stop in and learn more about the Avondale MARTA parking lot development.  As the invite below states they’ll also be info on “pedestrian and bicycle trail expansions and proposed public amenities.”

avondale invite

Avondale MARTA Station rendering courtesy of MARTA via CityLab

6 thoughts on “Learn More About the Avondale MARTA Mixed Use Development Tonight!”

  1. This development looks very exciting. It will radically change that whole area. I hope it comes to fruition soon.

  2. Good to see MARTA finally making use of the waste-of-space parking lots that they own. I’m very interested to see what happens with this one.

  3. If they really wanted to get people out, they should have partnered with Blue Tarp (almost next door) to coordinate a special-date-time post-event brewery tour and tasting 🙂

    I will try to go even without beer, since it looks interesting.

  4. Remember that the city and its Downtown Development Authority are very much in control of this project. That isn’t the case for the other MARTA TOD sites.

  5. There was a lot more info at this even than just the MARTA development (though that was the focus).

    I was impressed with the master plan for the East Decatur area (approximately everything N of Derrydown, from Commerce to Arcadia). I realize it is long term plan, but it could really change the character of the area, and this development appears to be an initial anchor to kick start it.

    The connection to MARTA and the mixed-use aspect seems (to me) to be more well thought out than many other mixed-use developments in metro Atlanta. I really wonder what kind of retail will go there. The MARTA bridge will land straight in the middle of it all. The bus turnaround will be buried under it all (it kind of made me think of the bus area at the Bethesda Metro station in DC, if you have ever been there)

    Also — the East Decatur Greenway trail is a real thing, and apparently will start soon, and all land is acquired. I had not even heard of it (it is mostly not in the city limits, but does end at the development). Info (sort of) here (yes, they only have a FB page, from what their rep told me): https://www.facebook.com/EastDecaturGreenway?fref=ts

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