Publix Marathon Runs Through Decatur Sunday, Expect Traffic Delays

publix marathon map

The Publix Marathon runs through Decatur again this Sunday, so prepare your driving/cheering plans accordingly.

According to the schedule posted on the marathon’s website, you will see road closures around Decatur between 7:30a-11a.  This is similar to previous years.

Also, remember to get out there and cheer for the marathon runners.  The top 2 cheering zones this year win $1,500 and $1,000, respectively.  In year’s past, the winnings have gone to support Decatur Active Living programs.

The Decatur Minute says that city staff “will be there with plenty of noisemakers, pom-poms, and doughnuts to share.”  They also note the official groups will be located ” in front of Felini’s , the Old Courthouse, or near the Eastlake Marta Station.”

2 thoughts on “Publix Marathon Runs Through Decatur Sunday, Expect Traffic Delays”

  1. A Couple of quick things. Race is of course rain or shine and the first runners usually get to the 11 Mile Mark which is at The East Lake MARTA about an hour into the race (race starts at 7am). Pace of runners really picks up by 8:30. The 11 Mile Mark is at the top of a challenging hill coming out of Atlanta and into Decatur and anywhere along East College from MARTA to Middle School makes a good vantage/cheering point.

    1. Thanks for the tips, David! I was just looking at the race course and trying to figure out where our street is on the course and when the runners would be running by.
      As a fairly new runner, and having run the Hot Chocolate 15k (my longest distance so far) in January, I can say having people cheering all along the route is soooo helpful. Some of the signs people held up made me chuckle and definitely lifted my spirits, helping me keep up my pace.
      My favorites were:

      [photo of Ryan Gosling]
      “Hey girl, I’d love to rub your feet tonight and listen to you talk about your splits”

      “Smile, it makes you faster”

      “Keep calm and don’t poop your pants”

      So get out there and cheer these runners on!

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