New Bike Repair Station Outside Rec Center

This is a “nice to know” if you’re regularly traveling around Decatur on your bike.

The Be Active Decatur blog reports that the city has installed its first bike repair station outside the Decatur Recreation Center on Sycamore Street.

8 thoughts on “New Bike Repair Station Outside Rec Center”

  1. There’s also one on the Emory campus in front of the Woodruff Library. Is there a map or app to find others or are these the only ones in the area?

    1. Kind of feel like we’ve reached what I’ll call the Trader Joe’s Inflection Point on the Decatur school population issue, where sarcastic commentary and jokes about a topic actually become more unavoidable and tiresome than the original topic they seek to ridicule.

  2. Whew. Glad I made it in just before the TJIP.

    Seriously though, with some of the comments it’s difficult to tell if they are meant as jokes or not.

  3. I use the one at Georgia Tech a few times a year, and will gladly use this much closer one! They are ideal for those of us who want to make a minor repair and don’t have a bike stand. For some adjustments, having a stand makes the repair quicker and easier.

    My only issue with these stands, at least the one at Georgia Tech, is that the air pump doesn’t seem to last very long (either goes missing or breaks).

    There’s also another at Woodruff Park downtown.

      1. I worry about vandalism. But perhaps there’s a surveillance camera trained on it? Or a theft alarm?

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