Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta for the Money

Michelle writes in…

I don’t think this one has run yet- could you do “Best KidFriendly Decatur Restaurants”?  Thank you!

I say we expand it a bit and discuss best in the Atlanta area.

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  1. Kimball House. Just kidding.

    Our answer depends on whether you include the picky eater or just the eating machine. Places that both could be served over the years without major whining or patron stares:
    Athen’s Pizza
    Rise and Dine
    Pastries A-Go-Go
    Chick Fil A would be included except that I won’t eat there.

  2. I think virtually every restaurant in Decatur is kid friendly before 7/8pm. Not everyone has high chairs, but almost all have kids menus or will make kid friendly items (e.g. grilled cheese at Leon’s, mild chicken at Bhojanic). To me this is one of the great things about Decatur. Just please be gone by the time the hipster seating begins.

  3. I don’t have kids, but when I lived in the Virginia Highlands area, I frequently went to Osteria. There were so many kids there we started calling it Yuppy McDonalds. 🙂 Seems to be a big hit with families.

  4. Fellini’s in Oak Grove is always our first go-to, along with every other family in the area. It has the outside fountain and the self-serve yogurt stand that is usually good for milking at least one more downed beer out of the visit.

    Community BBQ
    Pure in Inman Park
    U Joint
    Corner Pub (upstairs)
    YEAH! burger
    Osteria 832

    We did Emyriachi in Kirkwood a few weeks ago, has all the makings of a kid-friendly restaurant-outdoor seating, kid’s menu. But the service and the timing was so uneven, I’m not sure we would give it another try with little one’s just yet.

    And of course, the never-ending debate regarding Taqueria Del Sol. There are those who would rather visit a Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar weekly than attempt the lines, the attitudes (and the lack of highchairs) at a TDS. I believe timing is everything, though, as well as a fully powered iPhone and a salt-rimmed margarita while waiting in line.

    1. Please don’t take kids to Elmyriachi and subject them to all the sidestream smoke on the patio. If you must, bring something to keep them amused so they don’t scream, stand on their chairs, run around their table and bump into my chair repeatedly. All it takes is a couple of books and an Etch-a-Sketch or Magna Doodle. The last time I was on that patio it was like being in the center of a day care facility, except that the children were unsupervised.

  5. Cripes, just take them somewhere they can get pizza or chicken nuggets or hot dogs or burgers and fries. That’s the only crap they really like anyway.
    “My kid loves kale” and “ours are sushi fanatics” replies in 3…2…1…

  6. I know it was snark, but Kimball House has been friendly to my 4 yo and I when I hit it for oyster happy hour…

    Sapori, Leon’s, Sushi Ave and Taco Mac are all great kid-friendly spots. We just try to get out by 8 at the latest to avoid having a hipster spill a cocktail on my kiddo…

    1. Re Kimball House being friendly to 4 year old: Well, who knew? Evidently restaurants are friendlier to tykes than is this blog! At least a 4 year old could probably help you read the small print letters.

  7. Makan has an excellent kids menu. It’s not chicken fingers or macaroni but real food. I think everything is a smaller, less expensive version of the adult items.

    1. +1 for Makan. The ownership is very kid friendly. Crayons and books were supplied. The owner even came by and snapped a pic of my 2-year-old niece polishing off her black sesame ice cream. We felt very welcome even sitting down at 8PM on a Saturday night.

  8. For the Money? I’ll argue that most people are ignoring this part of the challenge. Any McDonalds with a play area. Hands down. I don’t have kids, but I know what a happy one looks like and I see more smiles/dollar at McDonalds with playgrounds than any place else.

    1. Agree as long as it’s a small play structure not one of those mega-climbing tube maze things. There’s nothing worse than either losing one of your children in there or having them freeze in the middle with fear. Having to navigate one for the rescue is the epitome of claustrophobia and dystopic diversion.

      1. This. Also consider how often you think staff are climbing up inside there to clean it. My bet is those things rarely see any disinfectant after they are assembled.

  9. Taqueria del Sol is very kid friendly and reasonably priced, although high chairs and a changing table would be welcome additions. Fellini’s is a solid choice too.

    And the staff at Parker’s on Ponce has also been consistently welcoming and wonderful to our daughter. Great local place to go for a nicer meal with a child.

  10. Agree with everyone that just about everywhere in Decatur is kid-friendly. “For the money,” we LOVE Uncle Maddio’s, specifically the one in Toco Hill Shopping Center. Everyone can get exactly what they want because you get individual pies. There’s no arguing over toppings, it’s all homemade, very friendly service and pretty affordable for as much as you get. Last week we had 2 adults and 2 kids, pizza and drinks for all and the bill was $24.

  11. Harbour House Pub has a great kids menu, my little one will eat the talapia grilled fingers and sauted spinach (so nice to have healthy options). Not to mention the bocce courts and corn hole areas for adults and kids that need a walkabout.

  12. My #1 kids friendly restaurant is Mojo’s–my younger kids save their quarters for the gum ball toy machines.

    Others that my kids all like:
    Taco Mac
    community Q
    Farm burger — not sure I would call it the best for the money as our bill tends to be higher here than I’d like to pay for a family meal

    My kids all have very different tastes in food so finding a restaurant they all like is somewhat of a challenge.

  13. My kids would say the best kid-friendly restaurant in Decatur is Green Ginger.
    THEY HAVE IPADS!! Whenever we ask, “Where are we going to dinner?” sometimes it must be prefaced with “anywhere but Green Ginger again.”

    For the money – kids eat free at Doc Cheys on Memorial all weekend!! The kids can’t decide what is best between the lo mein, stir fry or miso noodle bowl. Also, $5 drink specials every weekend night.

    Matador also has a kids eat free night, plus video games and TVs. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but the kids can get a quesadilla, chips and queso, or a bean burrito. For the adults, they have cold beer, and a great fried chicken taco.

  14. Flying Biscuit and Radial have kids eat free Mon-Thurs.
    Wahoo has great kids meals if you are doing a nice family dinner out.

  15. clearly a conspiracy of silence against the U-Joint.
    sad, sad, sad

    until they opened, a night on the town in Oakhurst was sharing a bottle of Old English and a bag of Pork skins on the curb in front of the Hop ‘n Shop. and this is the gratitude they get?

    U-Joint was child-friendly to me before I even had children—they had loaner kids for singles—they would spill your drinks, and even pitch loud and embarrassing fits while you tried to hold a conversation with your lady friend.

    many of these other nominees are fine, but U-Joint was the OG.

  16. Maybe it’s not “Decatur” but I just read some other listings up top that weren’t. Let’s not forget Avondale Pizza Cafe. This is my go-to spot for my 9 and 8 year olds. They have plenty on the menu other than pizza, for both the kids and adults. Decent beer selection as well. I usually feed my kids and myself for under $30.

    1. We LOVED the old location of Avondale Pizza. My baby and toddler son had a love affair with MARTA buses roaring by. But the new location never did it for us as a family. But I maintain that the pizza there is some of the best around, authentic New York thin crust style. (The moderate thin crust traditional not the ultra-modern hipster severely thin crust.)

  17. The kid-friendly versus kid-unfriendly debate around Taqueria Del Sol fascinates me. Despite what appears to be open hostility towards becoming a kid friendly establishment, the parents I know go there religiously. It’s like no matter how uncaring the staff is that you’re 3-year-old is crying and roasting in the sun, nothing can beat $2.50 friend chicken tacos with a side of rice and beans. Most of the kids we go there with barely eat half their food anyway, but it seems to be the only place their parents can stand to take them. Maybe it’s the socially acceptable way everyone has a beer in one hand, and a kid in the other.

    1. I can only speak for myself, but the people at TdS have always been fantastic to my family (including my 5 year old). This may start a firestorm, but I think some folks head there on the defensive and expecting to have a negative experience. I also don’t think that TdS doesn’t care that your kid is roasting in the sun- They can’t tent the entire parking lot. If you want the tacos you follow the same protocol- kids or not. I like that about them.

      1. I agree, Taqueria staffers are very nice! If you are there with a small child/baby they make sure to seat you at a table where you can safely sit w a little one vs. those tall tables by the bar. And they are great even if you aren’t with kids.

        I think people who don’t like TDS just don’t get its charm…standing in line and relaxing with a cocktail is part of the fun! Plus, kids get to play and expend some pre-dinner energy.

    2. the people at TdS have always been fantastic to my family (including my 5 year old). This may start a firestorm, but I think some folks head there on the defensive and expecting to have a negative experience. I also don’t think that TdS doesn’t care that your kid is roasting in the sun- They can’t tent the entire parking lot. If you want the tacos you follow the same protocol- kids or not. I like that about them.

    3. the people at TdS have always been fantastic to my family (including my 5 year old). This may start a firestorm, but I think some folks head there on the defensive and expecting to have a negative experience. If you want the tacos you follow the same protocol- kids or not. I like that about them.

        1. Ha!
          I’m really sorry for the duplicate post. When I was publishing, it kept saying that it had not published. Not quite true, apparently.

      1. TDS may be kid-friendly once you sit down, but the long line and the wait required to order usually scares us away.

      2. I expect a negative experience because I know I will be required to wait in line out on the hot asphalt for the privilege of ordering Mexican food. I can get that experience at the Disney World for about the same price, minus the Mexican food.

  18. I really wish someone would open a nice big beer garden in or near Decatur, one where families and hipsters could peacefully cooexist.

  19. Could we do one of these for Best Places Near Decatur for Unencumbered Adults? ( and yes, besides Trackside!)

  20. TDS is not small kid friendly…their staffers are nice and their food is great, but the lack of high-chairs, the long line, and even their unreasonable take-out order policy keeps us away from there for now. Looking forward to Dos Madres opening across the street. Also, MarBar has delicious tacos and margaritas while also providing a kid friendly atmosphere. We also enjoy Victory for a kid friendly lunch/early dinner spot.

    1. I love love love TDS. The food is great and affordable and the staff are top notch. But I won’t take my kids there. In addition to the issues Sarah points out, it doesn’t have a kid-friendly menu.

      Matador is their favorite place. I like that the place is pretty beat up inside; I don’t have to worry about my kids trashing the place.

      1. How much more kid-friendly can you get than inexpensive tacos made with fresh ingredients? Even my one year old loves chicken tacos, salsa and guacamole!

  21. Sounds like I may have been mistaken on the kids menu. I’ll ask about it next time I’m in TDS. I’ve already made my pilgrimage for this week.

      1. What the hell good is that when they don’t have chicken fingers and grilled cheese on the regular menu?!?

  22. Everywhere we go w kids is already mentioned here except … Square Pub. It’s a father-daughters-nite-out kind of place for us. Keep in mind my kids are middle/high school age and they order off the “adult” menu. They have a kids menu, too.

    But what they REALLY like there is the location – sitting in the uppermost section and looking out the window facing the square, trying to spot people they know …

  23. Since joining the parental ranks, I have been shocked at some of the places that don’t have a changing table. I just can’t handle putting my sweet little baby on a dirty bathroom floor to change her diaper.

    Raging Burrito apparently has one now if you ask them about it, and I got a great response from the Matador saying they would unearth theirs that was storing toilet paper last time I was in. Our 7 month old is a pretty easy customer – at this point the changing table, and increasingly the high chair, are my top issues.

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