Twist ‘n Scoot Closing Decatur Store, Consolidating with Flagship Atlanta Location

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Twist ‘n Scoot sent out a message to its patrons this morning announcing that they are closing the Decatur location along West Ponce de Leon Ave.

We’re in transition and are closing our Decatur location to consolidate with our original flagship store in Atlanta. You’ll find us now at 1835 Piedmont Ave, one mile north of Ansley Mall. And stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

The scooter store opened in Decatur back in 2008.  Prior to that, the space housed a furniture store, Intaglia.  What’s next for the space?

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21 thoughts on “Twist ‘n Scoot Closing Decatur Store, Consolidating with Flagship Atlanta Location”

  1. Elementary school? That’s the one thing that’s sure to have plenty of demand in Decatur!

  2. This would be an amazing spot for an indoor playground/play space! Parents can grab coffee at Dancing Goats, then the kids can go bounce or play inside!

  3. With a $7,000 /mth rent and parking concerns…none of these seem viable.

    Indoor playground would require high ceilings which I doubt this has….once again you would have parking issues as well.

    Not sure a restaurant would be suitable because of build-out requirements. Seems like it would be suitable for another retail

    1. You figured out the problem at “$7000/month rent”. How many scooters did they have to move a month to stay afloat?

  4. Too small, not enough parking. But how about a Metro Fresh?

    Speaking of take out food without parking, how is Souper Jenny doing? I’m never around when it’s open.

  5. I’m not one of the scooterati but I will miss seeing those machines lined up in front of the shop. Small and bright, they look like candy.

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