Korean Mexican Fusion Restaurant Opening In “Out of the Pan” Location on Clairemont


Parker sends in this pic of a sign hanging in the window of the Out of the Pan restaurant at 105 Clairemont Ave.

18 thoughts on “Korean Mexican Fusion Restaurant Opening In “Out of the Pan” Location on Clairemont”

  1. It’s the hot thing. The ever-so-slightly differently named Takorea in Midtown just expanded into Dunwoody. But I’ll still take Sobban.

  2. The Out of the Pan guy has been really busy doing catering for movie/tv crews. I guess he finally decided to give up the brick and mortar of the Masonic building (pun intended).

  3. If its good, it will rock. If not, it will fail. Its a tough market for food around here. We are lucky/spoiled. Got to bring the A game.

  4. Am I the only person trying to figure out the logic of Korean Mexican fusion? Not that I’m against it and I look forward to eating there. I love both Mexican and Korean. But what’s the history, logic, explanation for this particular fusion? Or is fusion the trend? Next is Jamaican Russian? Kosher Ethiopian? New England Fiji?

    1. Many cultures fused cuisine when the diaspora of World War II happened. A lot of Asians migrated to the tropics, like Japanese to Brazil and Chinese to Cuba. “ChinoLatino” is very popular in Cuba!

      1. Food fusion has been going on for generations. An example: Long before WW2, the Jews in Baghdad were persecuted by the locals. This treatment encouraged large numbers of them to move east, with their own Middle Eastern cuisine, to Mumbai. Their chicken-stuffed pockets, known as Aruuq, would evolve into curried treats yellowed with the Indian staple of turmeric.

  5. I’ve been told by a well placed source that the new establishment will be called “Into the Fire”.

    1. Count me in +10!

      Is there any chance this place is actually related to Hankook? Wasn’t there a rumor sometime last year that the Hankook folks were looking for a space in Decatur?

      1. I was at Hankook for lunch around that time and the staff told me they were looking for a space. I practically begged them to make it happen. that was at least a year ago, maybe 2. I doubt it’s the Hankook folks. a good Bibimbop would be appreciated too.

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