4 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. After a sleepless night I look at this picture very differently–I understand that roads need to be repaved, but if college ave lanes can be closed for marathons and other events, why not for repaving? And what about sending out a notice to affected households along the road before you show up with heavy equipment at 10:30pm? Let’s hope this was the worst of it…

    1. My sentiments exactly. When they were doing it on Commerce my wife and I couldn’t sleep from the noise of the blade they were using to cut into the pavement. So not cool to be so close to residential and working until 4am. Traffic on Commerce is bearable from time to time…not getting sleep all night is less bearable.

  2. Speaking of which, does anyone know what the deal is with completing repaving of Clairemont? They’ve done one lane and the intersections and seem to moved on. Not that I’m anxious for them to resume the disruption, but it would be nice to know what to expect.

  3. Appears GDOT has multiple repaving projects occurring within “District 7″…affecting Decatur et al. is SR 10 (East Lake Dr/College Ave/Covington Hwy) SR 155 (Clair(e)mont, Commerce and Candler) and upcoming, the rest of SR 154 (Memorial Dr from Candler to Moreland).

    I bet it’s standard procedure in congested urban areas to do the work in evenings at low traffic volumes. As you know, GDOT isn’t too worried about people, just people in cars. 🙂


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