Southern Living: Kimball House Is the Best New Restaurant in the South

FM Fats points out a big shout out for Decatur’s Kimball House.  Southern Living recently put it #1 on its list of the top new restaurants in the South.  Here’s how the piece starts…

As my group of four settled into a high-backed leather booth, we sat fixated by the menus. One championed absinthe-based cocktails. Another listed 22 oyster varieties, most sourced from small family farms, with the kinds of tasting notes more frequently reserved for wine lists. The Chelsea Gems from Eld Inlet, Washington, were likened to “anise and buttered truffle”; the Northern Cross from Fisherman’s Island, Virginia, “salted parsnip and green onion.” It was obvious this place was special; it merited a crowd. So, like a group of bon vivants with a line to the golden age fêtes of Paris, we texted our friends to come join the fray. By the time our oysters arrived atop their heaving, iced-down pewter tray, the four-top had grown to eight, squeezed in elbow-to-elbow.


20 thoughts on “Southern Living: Kimball House Is the Best New Restaurant in the South”

  1. Cue the influx of late in the game foodies (to add to the already large population of hipsters) in 3…2…1…

    Congrats to the guys and gals at Kimball House, by the way. Well deserved.

  2. The Brick Store/Leon’s guys were involved. Last time I was at KH, I asked one of them, “You guys never miss, do you?” His modest reply: “No.”

  3. Has the font on the menus gotten either bigger or bolder? It’s been a while since I’ve eaten there. All was wonderful but I found it hard to feel “bon vivant” when I had to fish around my purse for reading glasses and ask the wait person for a flashlight.

    1. My thoughts exactly! We have often said that the choice downtown establishments should maintain a 30030-only door. There could be a secret code. It could have to do with trees and schools and annexation. Really, I am happy for these guys, but now I’m never going to get a spot at the bar.

        1. If Trackside was publicly traded, I certainly would! But in all seriousness and in full disclosure, I do NOT have any financial interest in the place. If Doc Al ever decides to sell, that could change, but for now I’m still just a loyal customer.

          And don’t listen to Rick Julian. He lies. I don’t have a table. I sit at the bar or play darts!

  4. I wonder what I am missing here. Well I have never had the Oysters , but when I tried some small plates, cocktails and desserts I was underwhelmed to put it mildly.

    1. Sobban’s nomination I can get wholeheartedly behind. Great food. With Makan now open and Big Boss Chinese hopefully still on line for this winter, it looks like we’ll have an embarrassment of Asian riches close to home.

      1. We’ve been to Makan twice now; once for drinks and an appetizer, once for full on dinner. Both times delivered the goods. Very happy to have these folks here and, from the look of things, doing well.

  5. Oysters are grand and the drinks are sublime due to presentation and variety of concoctions. Wait staff gives excellent service and know the menu, but they should given the tip they will receive on each bill. The steak dinner underwhelmed me to say the least and be prepared to give a kidney when bill arrives. It is delicious on the whole, but extremely pricey unless you go for happy hour oysters. The atmosphere is super cool, but I also felt that greeters at door were less than welcoming and did not go out of the way to get you seated even when the restaurant was just opening for dinner. I have been here several times for oyster happy hour, but this would be a special occasion place for most people I think.

  6. Now I really love Makan. The pork belly buns and the wontons are fabulous. My friends seafood stew looked delicious too. You know a place is really good when you start planning your return before you have even digested .

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