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  1. Wow. This has to be the same outfit, right? Same name, same colors, same lack of upside down exclamation point, right? No aquamarine beach wall this time. Is it going to work any better up there?

    1. Based on the fact that these chuckleheads opened (at least?) two locations of an unproven restaurant concept before seeing if one was viable, I already had a pretty low opinion of their business acumen. Looks like that philosophy extends to their online strategy as well, as their very much in-progress website (http://www.holaroswell.com) is live for all the world to see, complete with dummy text, scintillating menu options (I’ll have the blah blah with a side of blah blah and a blah blah rocks, no salt), and a location page that puts them on the south coast of England.

      Well played.

      1. HA! Did you click on the “Drinks” tab? It’s all in Latin! Here’s an excerpt: “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris sodales pellentesque metus vitae facilisis. Maecenas adipiscing id nulla elementum accumsan. Integer ullamcorper quam quis urna convallis, eget vulputate dolor convallis. Nulla id egestas dolor. Vivamus mollis lectus non massa tristique, in tempor mi accumsan. Nullam egestas ”


        1. that Lorem Ipsum gobbledygook is used all the time by designers to show how a page will look before the actual content/text is dropped in. Doesn’t mean they are going after that elusive Latin speaking drinking crowd, just proves that this site is far from ready for public view.

        2. Yeah, that’s what I meant by dummy text. As Stu notes, common practice in print and online publishing to fill empty space with it for layout purposes. But it is not common practice to have a website in such a clearly early stage of development live and searchable for all the world to see.

  2. Is that an old picture? We were up there several months ago and saw it open around the same time as Decatur’s HOLA and then then closed around the same time too.

    1. Yes, that sign was there in April when I lovingly doing Granny duty as my daughter went back to work before childcare started.

  3. Yeah, I work around the corner and it’s been “Coming Soon” since they started renovation. You can see the start of the “Now Hiring” banner on the fence which I think has been there for a couple of months now.

    I don’t understand how the owners manage to survive such long periods of renovation. Looking at the DM archives, I see that the Decatur Diner closed 4/18/2012, with a note that a Mexican restaurant would take its place. On 6/18/2012 there was a note that they applied for a liquor license, and it finally opened on 5/13/2013, only to close 6 months later.

    The day after it was noted that trucks were there loading the furniture and fixtures (11/13), rental trucks (presumably the same) were outside the building here in Roswell.

    I do think they are actively working on the space, but it sure seems to be a slow process.

    1. I would have liked to have been the GC on the three build-outs, Diner, Hola, and the current one. Has to be at least $1M total.

  4. Not sure it was anything more than the choice of location- that space seems to be the kiss of death for any eatery.

  5. it’s a front for organized crime. that space is Decatur’s number one pusher of knockoff tree ordinance waivers.

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