22 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. I’ve had them in my yard when I lived near Briarcliff and Lavista. I thought I’d gone crazy the day I saw a turkey stroll by my window then I learned it was a common thing, leftover from a farm near the Fernbank area I believe.

    1. Yes, “…leftover from a farm near the Fernbank area…” – use to have a family strolling in the Westchester HIlls area often. But we just assumed the coyotes got to them – there have been no more sightings for several years. So glad to see the decatur turkeys again!

  2. That is so great! I had no idea we had wild turkeys here! Used to be that turkeys were quite skittish around people. Maybe they aren’t so wild anymore.

  3. There used to be a bunch on Clifton Road near Oxford Road right where the protested housing development is going in.

  4. They lived for a long time near Princeton Way near the railroad tracks at North Decatur Road. I would often look out my second story window and see one perched on my deck umbrella. We had so many at one time they had to do a turkey round up. Haven’t seen any in a while glad to see they’re still around.

    1. Nearly blew peach smoothie all over the place but it was worth it. I hardly ever get that tickled at the breakfast table. Thanks!

    2. One of my Top 5 sitcom episodes ever. EVER!! As many times as I’ve seen it, it never fails to make me laugh aloud.

  5. Well, 8.5 acres gone near DeKalb Farmers Market. Now surrounding neighbors will see more and more, especially a now visible rat infestation.

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