College Avenue Is Gettin’ Paved


At last night’s city commission meeting, Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon (sitting in for City Manager Peggy Merriss) announced that GDOT will be paving the whole of College Avenue between Memorial Drive (to the east) and East Lake MARTA Station (to the west) starting this coming Sunday night, August 10th.

The paving will take place from 9p-5a and is projected to take “a couple of weeks to complete.” according to Mr. Saxon.

In other road-related news, in response to a question from Commissioner Patti Garrett, Mr. Saxon said that the three-lane section of South Candler between the southern city limit and Midway Road would be transformed into a two-lane road to match sections of the road to the north and south of this section.  The changes would be made primarily with paint, but also a few bollards would be installed to discourage use of the third lane as a passing lane.

18 thoughts on “College Avenue Is Gettin’ Paved”

  1. I have lived in Decatur too long. This is like the 3rd time my family will have experienced this particular road being paved. And that does not even include the recent paving they did for the gas line work.

  2. Chances that the road will be properly milled to its former bed, restoring the curb line in the process? I’m guessing one in a trillion, but that might be overly optimistic.

  3. I think they should brink it to slow people down. And I am not talking that stuff they put down at the crosswalks.

  4. Any chance they’ll address the embarrassingly awful and dangerous crosswalks at College/Candler and College/S. McDonough?

    1. I’m sure they’ll repaint them post-paving but the more meaningful overhaul work of those intersections are separate projects to take place later. No dates have been nailed down, as far as I know.

  5. Speaking of re-paving: DeKalb Co. work crews are embarrassing themselves at the north end of Katie Kerr, at the intersection with College (Sam’s Crossing) and to the south. They seem to be working with the water lines there and have had the streets torn up for MONTHS. They seem to get nothing done most days and very little done on the best days. The streets are a mess – big holes partly covered sometimes with those metal plates. Gravel everywhere which creates huge dust clouds as people drive through on dry days. I feel sorry for the people who live on that street. It’s taking them so long to fix this, I wonder if it will be done before the new year begins. It’s sad, DeKalb County.

    1. Semi-hijacking the thread – what’s the story of the endless holes in the ground and dirt piles at Sycamore and Church across from the Presbyterian church?

  6. Perfect timing now that school has just started again.
    Thank god my kids can walk/bike/rollerblade almost everywhere they need to go.

  7. Details, please, on the specific hours College Ave will be disrupted. In other words, will rush hours be impacted?

    1. I missed it during my first several readings of the post but it says that paving will be from 9 PM to 5 AM, i.e. it’s nighttime work. But I suppose there could be daytime disruptions if certain areas have to be blocked off for whatever reason outside of the active paving hours.

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