Free-For-All Friday 7/18/14

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local topics not discussed here over the past week.

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  1. I’ll start Friday with a random complaint: Atlanta is a third-rate city when it comes to movie openings. Example: “Boyhood” opens in most major cities today. Here? Apparently not until August 1.

    1. We need the Decatur Cooperative Movie Theater. I think that would take a donor to get it off the ground, annual membership, and a committed corps of volunteers. It could be done on a nonprofit basis- google filmstreams dot org for an example in Omaha. I think this could thrive here…

      1. I’d be a subscriber. With all the filming going on here, new studios in the works, etc. it’s a shame that the “Hollywood of the South” has so little in the way of film culture when it comes to exhibition.

          1. I think metro Atlanta’s geography is a factor. There’s a lot of people who appreciate good cinema around the region, but they’re too spread out for a single theater to fill the need.

            1. Yep. Just ask the previous owners of the Plaza Atlanta Theater how hard it is to keep an independent theater running.

              1. Yvette is right on the money. It is *EXTREMELY* difficult to keep an independent theater running, much less start one from scratch. I spent many years as a student volunteer / manager / coordinator and later projectionist at Cinestudio in Hartford, CT. It is one of the better and longer running independent theaters in the country and it is only keeps running because of the efforts of a large group of very dedicated volunteers and donors. Additionally there are two extremely devoted employees who have been there every step of the way since day one and without whom Cinestudio would not have survived for over 4 decades. Anyhow, even with virtually zero rent for the theater space, 501(c)(3) status and a huge student all volunteer staff they have still had to boost ticket prices to $9 (general) and $7 (student).

                I know people have eyed the Avondale theater for years thinking it could be run it as an independent movie house. I have even thought about it myself. However, I know deep in my heart of hearts that starting something like that from scratch is an incredible long shot and more of a time commitment than anyone could realize. Not to mention the costs.

                Independent movie houses are an expensive to run, low paying, labor of love these days. Unfortunately home theater has pretty much killed the industry.

                1. The Cooledge Corner Theater in Boston (Brookline) MA is an exceptional example. It’s a non-profit and it’s popular. It succeeds to level it does because of its prime location, but also because it brings in money in so many different ways, including hosting events and cool gimmicks like showing silent movies with a live band (helps to be near Berklëe).

                  For something to do that well here, it’d need to be in the Square, and have a buttload of money to get going.

                  1. Agreed! I haven’t been to Coolidge Corner in probably close to 20 years , but it was always a good show. Saw several animation festivals there. The Cabot St. Cinema Theater in Beverly, MA was another great one but after looking it up on the interwebs it has shut down and is currently for sale….. 🙁 (never did get to see La Grand David…….
                    Opening an urban indie cinema is not impossible, but very difficult. Would certainly need to be kid friendly in Decatur. And I think that food and drink being involved would help the bottom line. The film companies take almost all the profit from admissions even with second run and digital distribution (which, by the way, is pretty much a necessity these days…. And from what I understand, it can be a bit of a nightmare and is incredibly expensive to get into….)

                    1. Walkability to square is a must. Kid-friendly would definitely help- morning movies in the a.m. on weekends and maybe on a weekday or two, special separate annual memberships for kids’ programming, kid film Fest…

                      Continuous use in other ways would also be a key, as already said- late night private rentals, day rentals, maybe even used as meeting space in conjunction with big events at the city convention space, or home schooling group classes… And of course tie-ins with the local festivals- book, arts, beer, wine, enviro, blues… And it could be another venue for the various Atlanta film fests.

                      Adult beverages and quality food would be key here as well- local bartenders creating the cocktail of the week would be fun… Also some dinner and a movie partnerships w/ decatur restaurants would be a draw for people outside of decatur as well.

                      Perhaps also some special partnerships with groups like Fugees, other refugee groups, adult special needs job training, the high school for workers?

                    2. The Silver Scream Spook Show used to pack in the kids for their Saturday afternoon shows at the Plaza once a month (I don’t have kids but loved it and the raunchier late night version). I think a weekly version of something like that would succeed in kid-swamped Decatur.

                    3. If the City was interested in helping get a cinema off the ground, I wonder if there would be appetite to swap extra square footage via extra height on one of the bigger developments in exchange for deeding to the city enough land to house a 2 screen theater… Excellent marketing for the building too- steps to a theater!

                  2. Cine seems to be making it work in Athens. They recently used a Kickstarter campaign to fund their conversion to digital projection. Another good one is the Belcourt in Nashville, near Vanderbilt. Seems being close to a university is key for places in smaller cities.

            2. Good point. But as to my original complaint, we do have 4 theaters that are mostly indie-oriented (Plaza, Tara, Landmark and Lefont in Sandy Springs), so why does it seem we are always in the second or third tier of cities for rollouts of less commercial fare like Boyhood? ( I mention this film because a)I really want to see it b)it’s getting a lot of hype from critics and is packing the few theaters it opened in last week)

          2. LOL! LOVE “Y’allywood”!!! I could totally see that on t-shirts promoting Georgia’s film industry. Maybe you better go trademark that, Jess… 🙂

            1. Actually, there’s already a group at yallywood DOT org that organizes pop-up film events, takes submittals for short films, etc. Michelle, who also works at Leon’s, handles the marketing for it.

              1. I learn something new on this blog just about every other day! (Sorry, Jess–those t-shirts would’ve been great…)

    2. Since we’re on the subject of movies, the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema is in the middle of a mostly unadvertised five-week series of classic westerns that includes introductory comments from film scholars (Matthew Bernstein from Emory for the last two weeks) and an after-screening discussion of the film. So far they’ve shown the Searchers and Once Upon a Time in the West. Next week is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, then The Wild Bunch (woohoo!), and Unforgiven (the Eastwood one). Two of these are in my all time top ten favorite movies. I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.

      Tuesday nights at 7.

    3. We are members of the Cinema Club at Midtown Arts and it is awesome! Sunday morning you roll in for a surprise screening of a new independent movie. The surprise is definitely part of the fun. 2 seasons a year (basically fall and spring — no summer) so a new season is about to start. Discussion afterwards led by film prof. Highly recommend!

      1. Started going to KSCC right after college and was a member for years, but impossible these days with small kids in the mix. I miss it, though glad to hear it’s still going strong!!!

    4. Before I tell you to get off my lawn, I will point out that Atlanta cineastes don’t know how good they have it these days. During and right after I got out of college in the mid- to late 90s, the only way to see even relatively wide release art or foreign films was to be a member of a club like the aforementioned Key Sunday Cinema (you my man, Matthew Bernstein) that held screenings on Sunday mornings at (the now defunct) Garden Hills in Buckhead (later moved to the Landmark Midtown after George Lefont exited the scene and GH was shuttered) or to hope it showed up as one of the small selection of films that played at the very few, very small art houses in town. Now we have more screens (Landmark being the big add) and even major theater chains pick a lot of these up to fill out their offerings. It could always be better, of course, and you’ve seen me rallying for a true independent movie theater in Decatur for some time. But things are light years better than than they were even 10 years ago.

      1. I’ll have to think about whether I agree with that. I can’t remember what Tara was screening then. I’ll also point out that the film program at the High is greatly diminished(due partly, I’m sure, to the death of the long time programmer). Remember that great series they ran during the lead-up to the Olympics?

        1. I do! I saw several good things there, including the first time I saw Rififi (and now I own the Criterion).

          Didn’t they have a Kurosawa series in recent years?

          1. My standout memory from that series was seeing Werner Herzog take audience questions for 90 minutes after the screening of one of his films.

    1. If it doesn’t have to be “IN Decatur”, Dr. McNay at Restoration Dental in Brookhaven is awesome.

    2. I like Dr. Magid – honest and efficient.
      Address: 814 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030
      Phone:(404) 373-5366

    3. We are very happy with Blue Creek Denisitry in the strip mall on corner of Clairmont and N Decatur. Dr, Francis Schafer is great with our kids and he lives in Decatur.

      1. +1 Blue Creek takes my insurance, lets me know immediately if something (like my recent crown) costs more than insurance pays and exactly what my part will be. Dr and staff very nice. We’ve been happy there for several years now.

    4. We’ve been going to Dr Timothy O’Shea on Commerce for over 25 years. It is now O’Shea and O’Shea as Dr. Tim’s brother and son have joined the practice. All three doctors are great, they keep up with the latest in dentistry, always on time for your appointment and very caring with those of us who are a bit afraid of the drill. Their staff is wonderful, efficient and friendly. Highly recommend.

    5. I really like Dr. Brett Langston. I first started going to his practice when it was owned by Dr. Ben Hill and Dr. Charles Abney. He took over from them and didn’t change a think except the furniture. Great staff as well, my hygienist is awesome. I switched to this practice after another local dentist mentioned in this thread told me I needed $4,000 worth of dental work during my first visit. I was suspicious of that since everything in that office was new and they had cable TV piped in every room. Went to Dr. Hill’s office and he said my teeth were fine as is.

  2. Dr. Jernigan in the Wachovia Bldg. Not only a very good dentist but also community minded. Has fitted mouth guards free for DHS sports teams and provided pro bono extensive dental service for poor.

    1. Another vote for Dr. Jernigan – he’s excellent, and responds immediately when there’s a problem, even if you don’t think it’s a big deal.

  3. Pedestrians crossing the street with a green light but with a solid “Don’t Walk” signal. Fair or foul?

    1. Context-dependent, I think. If it’s showing Don’t Walk because there’s an active turn light occurring (like Ponce and Commerce at the CVS; you can cross on the south side of the street but the north side needs to wait on the left turn lights), then foul. If there’s no green turn light happening and it says Don’t Walk simply because the button wasn’t pushed in time, I would think fair.

      1. I think I’m mostly in agreement with Scott. I won’t cross into a “protected” turn arrow, but if the light is green for autos heading in my direction then I am going. I apparently frustrated an automobile yesterday doing this and I just thought I’d take a quick poll to see how much of an outlier I am.

        Thanks all!

    2. Don’t Walk + Left turn arrow in the direction I’m walking = I stop.

      Don’t Walk – Turn arrow + cross street clear = I’m walking, bit*h!

      And no apologies to the cars who think I’m impinging on their right to turn right on red. I’m not waiting an extra light cycle of several minutes on foot just so you can turn 15 seconds earlier in your car.

    3. I can say with absolute certainty that several crossing lights around Decatur actually never change from saying “Don’t Walk.” I am hoping this will change once Dekalb implements the countdown versions.

        1. I haven’t taken notes, but my routes typically include crossing Commerce, Church, and Ponce. If memory serves, I am pretty sure the crossing at the CVS-Ted’s-SunTrust-TMac is one.

          1. I haven’t had that in my experience – the walk light at that intersection works very well and I use it almost every day.

      1. When they don’t (ex., every 6 months or so a pedestrian button doesn’t work at W Ponce and Commerce) I email the city engineer, who emails the county, who fixed it 8-12 weeks later.

        If you can’t get a walk signal, complain. It will get fixed if someone tells the city. Eventually. The city apparently doesn’t control the signaling.

    4. Lights for pedestrians in Decatur not very Pedestrian friendly. If you don’t push button right might not get walk even though a nice green light. Push buttons far from curb and awkward. Some seem to me not to work so I just go for it. I love it when I’m in cities where it just turns to walk without having me to work for it.

      1. Agreed! For being “pedestrian-friendly,” downtown Decatur is SO not pedestrian-friendly when it comes to crossing lights. We should not have to push a button to cross the street. Try walking around downtown DC sometime. It is such a joy! They do it right up there.

        1. Along with the growing cycle track network, coming streetcars, Union Station overhaul, 3rd St tunnel project, the Silver and Purple line Metro projects, pending DC United stadium next to Nats Park… You can’t tell I’m excited to go home in 2 weeks.

          Regarding crossings here, we had the same conversation this morning while walking: Why do Decatur’s crosswalk signals have push buttons? The signals are always lit regardless, so why not simplify it for both pedestrians and drivers? Are the buttons not just an added expense and more hardware to maintain? And while you’re at it, trim the trees back from the crossings so you can see them, e.g. the signal at McDonough and W Howard Ave on the high school side. You literally can’t safely see it due to tree branches, plus it looks dumpy. Walkability, my left foot.

        2. +1for the crosslights. They seem to just run through a cycle,whether a pedestrian pushes the button or not. I’ve taken to walking the extra distance to unsignalled crosswalks when possible rather than wait for an entire cycle of signals, especially when crossing from Artisan to the Thumbs Up side.

  4. My son and I are going to Aaron’s Amphitheatre tonight to see Kiss and Def Leppard. We are using tickets purchased on Groupon. Does anyone know if we can bring chairs or just a blanket? What about bottles of water? Also, even though the show is close to being sold out, we can’t enter until 1 hour before show time. What would be a good time to at least be parked in the parking lot? Thanks for any answers or further suggestions.

    1. Below is from their site and answers both of your questions. You will be able to find a spot on the lawn right up until the advertised show time. She show will probably not start until 30-60 minutes after posted show time. So you might want to get there around 7, take a cooler, hang out by the car and tailgate and then head in closer to show time. Also, I highly recommend taking Boulevard to go in the back way vs. going down 75/85. After the show, you will be going the opposite direction as everyone else.

      General Rules

      Please note that the venue outlines some existing rules:
      Unfortunately umbrellas are not permitted. Events will stick to schedule, regardless of weather conditions.
      Cameras: you may bring personal cameras into the venue. However, it is not permitted to use flash photography, video or removable lens cameras unless otherwise granted permission by the venue.
      Coolers, Baskets, and Lawn Chairs are prohibited (in the case of lawn chairs, these may be rented at the venue for specific events depending on the venue’s decision, or performers indications.)
      Re-entry IS NOT permitted.
      Food and beverages may not be brought in from Off Premises, with the exception of one factory sealed bottle of water per paid admission.
      Concessions are available.
      Certain shows may prohibit beer and wine sales if artists request.
      Certain shows may require that all beverages be transferred into a cup.
      Children are welcome. Everyone over 2 requires a ticket.

      1. The Boulevard suggestion is pure gold. So easy.

        The suggestioin that the show might not start until 30-60 minutes after posted show times is iffy. The opening bands at the show I saw there a couple months ago went on stage right on schedule. There’s a thrid band on the bill tonight, so there’s no way they’d wait until 8 to start the show.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Brick Store failed its health inspection serving you fancy people your fancy expensive beers while I safely and happily drank cans of PBR and ice cold Jager at Trackside!

      1. The can stigma is rapidly fading. Bought my beloved Bells 2 Hearted in cans for the first time today! Cheaper and easier to dispose if.

    1. I have a philosophical question: At what point should a grown man stop drinking Jager (at least in public)? Do you actually like the stuff?

      1. I do like the stuff. I get a PBR and a Jager and sip the Jager along with my beer. There is no age limit, at least as long as you’re not mixing it with Red Bull and yelling “Whooooooo!”

        And to protect your seemingly delicate sensibilities about such things, if the sight of grown men drinking Jager bothers you, I would recommend that you avoid any dart tournaments. Also Trackside and the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. You should definitely avoid Trackside and Yacht Club.

        1. “There is no age limit, at least as long as you’re not mixing it with Red Bull and yelling “Whooooooo!”

          That is what I was picturing!

        2. I ain’t had a drink in ten years, but I do remember my PBR lore: It’s a faux-“regula guy” beer. The quality of its ingredients puts it a few steps above the true crap beers like Buttweiper.

      2. I grew up drinking a digestif or Williams Pear schnaps after a meal and usually have a bottle around, although Jägermeister isn’t my go-to. Right now I have Amaro Ciociaro, but the Bitter Truth’s Elixier Kräuterlikör is also excellent. The Decatur Package Store has a good selection.

        Of course, if you haven’t seen Dave Attell’s bit on Jägermeister before…

        Dave Attell – Jägermeister Ads:
        www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=jEj8jxv1Tno

  6. From what I read, they had the misfortune of having a refrigeration system failure the same day as their inspection. Regardless, I trust Brick Store to do the right thing more than I would 99.9% of establishments.

  7. For those who question the need for mid rise apartment development in downtown Decatur, let me point out that today on the Multiple Listing Service there are three rentals listed inside the city limits. Two are houses with rents over $3K. The other is a 2 BR in the Renaissance at $1,650 that was actually spoken for the day it was listed. If you would like to have young professionals and empty nesters in this town, you need more inventory. You will also have the vital, walkable downtown that you want with less crime thrown in for good measure. Oh, and more funding for the schools without putting any more stress on them. Greenspace? Well, it IS a downtown, which usually means concrete, and it is surrounded by city parks, isn’t it?
    In our real estate office we get dozens of calls, emails, and walk-ins every week looking for affordable rentals in Decatur. We usually have to shrug and suggest they look in Midtown or maybe 30033.

    1. The best post ever written (lately). Thank you and have a great weekend. I will not be arguing your point with Bulldog or anyone else. You said all that needs to be said. Let the free market make it happen (and it is).

      1. I should probably mention that there may well be other apartments available within the city limits. MLS rental listings are typically privately owned condos and houses. Landlords like Ice House Lofts and Vision Properties have their own leasing offices and do not market homes through a Realtor, and some owners use Craigslist or advertise locally.

  8. PSA related to the recent ice cream thread:

    If you are an Uber customer and were thinking of requesting their special ice cream delivery today, DO NOT do it! The “local favorite ice cream” is packaged crap. If you really want to spend $25 on ice cream, you can get 10 pints of Graeter’s with the Publix BOGO for the $25 Uber is charging to deliver their crap. Or you could get at least five (?) Butter & Cream cups or cones for the same price and support a local place, and maybe even walk off a few calories getting there!

    1. Did you really have to mention that Publix has Graeter’s as BOGO? I’m trying to lose weight here! 🙂 But speaking of Graeter’s, that is the one store that should be in downtown Decatur. The greatest ice cream in the world, in my humble opinion. Lived in Cincinnati for 2 years and still miss the Graeter’s store around the corner from my apartment in Clifton.

      1. Sorry about your waistline! If it helps, there’s only a limited selection of flavors at the Emory location. Mrs. J_T is going to make me hit every Publix in the state until I find one with salted caramel. Yep, I wish I never mentioned this at all…

  9. Does anyone know if there are plans to make the pedestrian crossing on Howard Avenue at Adair Street any safer? It is no where near pedestrian friendly or safe right now. I walk my kid across to get to preschool. Most cars do not stop for the teeny pedestrian sign. When someone does, the other incoming lanes do not. It’s like Frogger. There are multiple roads entering at that point (Adair and the Atlanta RR crossing) and cars are clipping along at some high speeds on Howard itself. It seems justifiable to do something, when work was done at the Agnes Scott crossing on College Ave., and the Howard crossing seems even more dangerous (IMHO).

    1. I completely agree with you. I cross there a lot and it has seemed to me that cars rarely stop at that crosswalk.

    2. I live along there and experience the same thing regularly. Yep, some people fly through there. When they don’t stop, I throw my hands up to shame them. Honestly, the only thing that will make it safer is enforcement of the law.

      As for it being overhauled (has the broken faux brick look, too), I’m thinking the city will wait until they reconfigure the train crossing and knock it out all at once. If you remember the proposed drawings, the PATH will be realigned (straightened) with the future T-shaped intersection and, I think, the crosswalk shifted to the east about 100 feet to make crossing the streets and tracks a straight shot.

      1. During the school year, there are crossing guards there. Another issue is the drivers who use Adair as a cut-through and drive as though it were a 30-mph main thoroughfare. It isn’t. It’s a residential street that has two very narrow lanes that drivers must often take turns going through. Don’t glare at me for holding up traffic when I am just crossing my street or trying to back out of my driveway.

  10. A few weeks back there was some discussion regarding transportation to the airport that were outside of times that Marta can support. Although this doesn’t help those that are without their own car- try using : http://www.airportparking

    I was able to park for $4 per day in a local hotel lot with shuttle to the airport and secure facility….cheaper than the airport parking vendors. Was much cheaper and efficient to drive my own vehicle than to hire uber or car service.

  11. Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive but reliable car transport service? I am thinking of purchasing a specialty vehicle and having it shipped cross country but the cost may make it prohibitive.

    1. I’ve seen the services that line you up with college kids, and I remember how I drove in colleg – the thought makes me queasy. How interesting is the car and where are you shipping it to?

    2. If putting miles on the car and a private, reliable driver are ok with you, I know someone who may be interested in helping with getting the car to you.

      1. Thanks…that’s the issue…is great for driving around town but wouldn’t make it cross country.Plus its a complete convertible so would likely be an uncomfortable drive.

  12. Great news today in Atlanta Magazine’s Covered Dish blog:

    Jeff Myers, co-founder of Top Flr and the Sound Table and operations manager at the Music Room on Edgewood, has a new restaurant in the works. The yet unnamed space is located at 2233 College Avenue in Decatur, just down the street from Ale Yeah!

    Myers describes the concept as affordable and chef-driven, focused on “everyday cravings.” It will serve lunch and dinner, but no drinks, so diners will be encouraged to bring their own.

    “The space is too small to even worry about a bar,” Myers says.

    Currently in the build-out phase, the restaurant will have twenty-one seats, including eight on the patio, and feature a “very simple design.”

    Travis Carroll, formerly of Top FLR and 1Kept, will lead the kitchen. (He’s also a partner in the restaurant.)

    Myers says he hopes to be open in thirty days, even if that just means test kitchen dinners or a guest chef takeover.

      1. Wow, touchy. Fairly sure that was uncalled for. (Directed to Chris, not Dawn)

        Have a nice weekend!

    1. Since the meaning of my post was apparently unclear, I will restate:

      We are looking for suggestions for a local company to do some remodeling of our master bath. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  13. Don’t forget to vote on DeKalb County Sheriff and State School Superintendent. The primary is next Tuesday, July 22, or you still have a couple hours to vote in advance at the county’s Memorial Drive complex across from the jail.

  14. We’re looking for recommendations for contractors to bid work on our driveway. The apron of it is in very rough shape — so rough that we’re concerned it’s consistently screwing up the alignment of our cars. Hoping to get away with just repouring that lower portion rather than the entire driveway, but will need an expert to tell us what is required.

    Any suggestions?

    1. A1 driveway replacement just did ours. very nice job, but we had to get the permit, which was annoying. The lady at the permit office is condescending and short with novice permit seekers.

  15. We have two wooden dressers for children. They are very solid, but are 30 years + (they belonged to me and my sister and match) and the drawer runners are broken on half the drawers and hard to fix. Drawers can go in and out but are very loose and not working with our kids. Mr. Medievalist tried to fix one and it didn’t go too well. We’d like to donate or freecycle them. Are there any donation places that would take partially broken dressers? They can still be used, but you either have to not mind or be a furniture repairer. Thanks!

      1. If Habitat can’t take them, Second Life in Avondale Estate’s might. Donate stuff, save dogs!

        1. Thanks! I really want them to go to a good home. They’ve been good to us 🙂

          1. Another option is FODAC, Friends of Adult and Disabled Children, in Tucker. They will pick up.

  16. We’re looking for a responsible, independent person who loves babies and Decatur enormously (and not necessarily in that order!). We’re opening another store in Buckhead so we’re hiring part-time staff here in our flagship and first-born Decatur store. Daily duties include organizing, folding, restocking, gift wrapping and other typical retail responsibilities. But really this position is about social interaction with our customers. Everyone who walks in our door is excited about a new baby, and if you love sharing someone’s happiness then please come interview with us! In no time you’ll be on a first name basis with your customers, knowledgeable about the background of Feather Baby, skilled with body types and styles, and able to ask to the right questions to help someone find the perfect gift. If you or someone you know is interested please come to Feather Baby at 431 W. Ponce De Leon Ave armed with a resume and speak to Cara during store hours through Sunday. Many thanks!

  17. Another recommendation needed, this time for small engine repair. Haven’t used our lawn mower for almost two years, and unsurprisingly it will not start. Tried everything I know to do (and everything I could find online), but it appears beyond my capabilities.

    1. Grimes Mower in Avondale. He will charge you up front, but he gets the mowers going. Have you tried draining the gasoline? Changing the filter? Adding new gas and a mower starter? Try Mr. Grimes….Call first.

    2. Many people recommended Grimes when I recently needed to get our mower repaired. However, he apparently doesn’t keep regular hours any more so I ended up at TLC Small Engine Repair on West College out past the East Lake Marta station. They did a great job much more quickly and for a cheaper price than Mower Menders in Tucker quoted me. I highly recommend them.

      1. Have heard hearty endorsements of TLC from Oakhurst friends. And it’s true Mr. Grimes’s customers have to follow his schedule (which can be somewhat whimsical as befits and old guy moonlighting in his retirement). BUT with Grimes the repair includes, at no additional charge, a mild talking-to about taking better care of your lawn mower. (At least it did in my case, since i’m one of those people who likes to see how many seasons I can go without doing anything but adding gas.)

  18. Really disappointed in Kecia Cunningham last night. I watched her jump out of her friend’s car they illegally parked in front of Yogurt Tap. Then she commented how they needed to hurry since they were illegally parked! Maybe I expect too much from city officials.

    1. What kind of world do you want to live in? The kind where the people who make the laws actually follow them? Crazy

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