Blue Moon Designs on Decatur Square Closing


Blue Moon Designs – housed in the only remaining residential structure on Decatur Square – has hung a couple of signs out front announcing they are closing on Sunday, July 27th.

Looks like there’s a mighty big sale going on.

31 thoughts on “Blue Moon Designs on Decatur Square Closing”

    1. If it sits within a designated local historic district, then it is. I’m just not sure if downtown Decatur is in a historic district or a “historic district.”

      If it’s on the National Register then, well, that’s nice. It could be bulldozed tomorrow, because the registry doesn’t really mean anything.

          1. Is the city trying to lease the property, or do prospective tenants need a change in zoning, variance or special use permit? If not, why is the city involved with private lease negotiations?

            1. Business interests often contact the city when looking for local opportunities. The city’s economic development department exists, in part, to help connect this interest with property owners/managers.

              1. The City is often involved in making potential tenants aware of available properties. That’s what Economic Development Authorities are for.

  1. Seems like an ideal spot for a B&B. Three steps from MARTA station. Brick Store pub right out your back door.

    1. Too loud surrounded by 246, Leon’s, Java Monkey, and the general bustling nature of that stretch.

      1. Every B&B includes different draws. Some feature nature and babbling brooks. This one features a vibrant location and babbling people. I think a B&B would do just fine here.

  2. What is the property tax on this property??? This is a killer location. I assume properties in the immediate vicinity of the square and Marta station are the most valuable in Decatur.

    1. I don’t know what the city taxes are, but the county tax is shown as $1339.00 for last year. The appraised value is less than many houses in the city.

      1. You can get the City taxes from the City website, but I’m sure they’re much higher since the place is appraised as a commercial property.

        1. I decided to check the city taxes and they are low (based on the low appraised value). Less than $2,500 for 2014. Hopefully other commercial properties are not valued quite as low around town.

    1. Blue Moon was first place in Decatur we bought anything (wind chimes) from when we moved here 8 years ago, but I don’t think I’ve been in there since (wife has a few times).

  3. The contractor that handled our recent renovation was telling us about when he did a major repair/reno job on this house many years ago. Apparently there were some pretty serious bugaboos attributable to the fact that this was not the house’s original location.

    1. My understanding is that it was actually on the square…then moved to its current location…

  4. We went there on Saturday and bought a few little things. I don’t like to see any (well, most) business close, but I thougth their prices on most items were super high, even after the markdown.

    1. Hate say, because I like to support local businesses, but the prices are why I didn’t shop there.

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