Free-For-All Saturday?

UPDATE: I’ve recreated all of yesterday’s posts below.  Obviously all the comments are missing, but wanted to make sure the posts were at least returned to the site.


Apparently we had some server issues overnight and lost all content from yesterday.  The words “critical hard drive failure” were among the terms thrown around.

So it looks like you’ll now have the rare and wonderful opportunity to recreate all of your conversations from yesterday’s FFAF.  I believe Dawgfan, Warren and Bulldog were in the throws of a “Will children take over our rising apartment complexes?” rumble, there was a call for pressure washing, train whistles, and all kinds of other threaded fun.

What better way to spend a perfectly lovely Saturday?

18 thoughts on “Free-For-All Saturday?”

    1. OK, all posts from yesterday have been recreated below this post – which is still at the top – so people have a chance of understanding what happened.

      1. Existential social media question: If a blog comment disappears from a server and no one can see it, did it ever exist?

  1. Here’s my memory of yesterday’s FFAF:
    – Don’t buy a house near tracks if you don’t like train whistles
    – Clean up after your dogs
    – DHS trailers are temporary during construction unless there’s too many students by the time construction is done
    – Multifamily housing adds children but even moreso increases density, tax revenues, walkability, and adults
    – You can watch the World Cup at The Marley and other restaurant/bars but also through something called Roku
    – A great guy was badly hurt after getting in an argument with a red Dodge Nitro that then ran him down on his bicycle-see video and get reward if you have any knowledge of crime
    – It seems like a waste to have great school facilities that the community pays for but then doesn’t have access to; some sharing is already occurring
    – Basketball hoops are all over Decatur with the potential for pickup games
    – Oil paintings can be cleaned and Jacob Miller does a great job with pressure washings

    For FFAS: This is one glorious summer day–not too hot or humid or buggy. All of us inside on our computers should go outside right now and ENJOY!

  2. So, I used to get my Waffle House fix at the Avondale Estates location but the food has gone downhill lately. Any alternatives that are making it right these days? Thanks!

    1. Really? How lately is lately? I had my usual a couple of weeks back and all was up to the regular standards of deliciousness. The manager at that location both works the grill and is very approachable. Let him know about your concerns and I bet you will be satisfied.

    2. When I visited the Avondale Waffle House the week before last, the staff gave my son a free waffle for his 10th birthday, played the Waffle House birthday song on the jukebox, and sang Happy Birthday to him a capella. They had me at “Welcome to Waffle House!”

    1. I drove by Hola Roswell a couple of months ago. The familiar sign made me shudder. I’m guessing it is still not open, is it? Their website is up but not exactly running. Check out the menus, location and (my favorite) catering info.

  3. Anyone heard of the “freshmsn $500”? Is it a real thing? Sounds more like Urban legend.

    1. No, but I’m the last to know anything. Is it related to the Freshman 15, as in lbs. gained during freshman year at college?

      1. It is a rumored wager involving the senior males at the high school and the incoming freshmen girls.

  4. Any suggestions for tween tennis lessons? Mine just finished up a Decatur Rec tennis camp and wants to continue through the school year. Any good places we can check out?

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