19 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. How about “Ear on the Street” — Namely unabated jackhammering and roaring generators/engines into the wee hours of last night/this morning as crews worked on what I assume was a critical infrastructure issue (Water main break? Gas line? Google fiber install? A leak in the Taqueria del Sol shrimp corn chowder pipeline?) at the intersection of West Ponce and Fairview. Not exactly conducive to slumber…

    1. They were back at it last night (though thankfully wrapped up before midnight this time). Really curious what was going on.

  2. Speaking of this side of town, does anyone know what the “planting installation” is out front of the Kimball House? My wife and I guessed vineyard but that seems awfully ambitious.

    1. First locally grown foods, then chickens, then beer, now local vineyards! What’s next? Dairy? Fish farm? Still waiting for a local boulangerie!

      1. La Calavera has some tasty stuff, but I would love a proper European bakery here versus the ubiquitous cupcake-based patisserie, maybe along the lines of Portland’s Fressen (to devour in German), NYC’s Northside Bakery, or even a PAUL bakery.

        1. Agree that La Calavera’s stuff is great and I love the owners/managers. But yes, my brain is stuck on a European style bakery.

            1. Yeah, that would about do it. But it doesn’t have to be as big as the ones in Virginia Highlands or Sandy Springs. It could stick to the bakery items and skip the whole deli/ice cream/cheese thing. Or keep it. I’m not picky. Much.

    2. Miles or Matt said they are starting with berry vines and will go from there with, I believe, additional plans.

  3. Them’s some big-ass pipes they just laid in the ground in the lot between Howard, Hillyer, and Paté. Anyone know what they are? I hope it’s for smuggling in food from up Buford Highway, because we don’t have any good food of any Asian type here.

    1. I cannot say for sure on this project, but I would suspect it to be sewer or stormwater collection since they have just started the project. Merely a guess though.

    2. It looked like a French drain to me. There were big pipes covered by mesh. I would bet that they will put the parking lot over those pipes and they will be the low point of the lot. The drainage will be graded to some grates that flow into those pipes for rainwater detention and absorption into the ground.

        1. Sewer and storm water are separate systems. It’s likely a retention basin for storm water, where the water collects and then flows into the system more gradually. COD has pretty strict storm water regulations.

  4. Annnnnd it’s gone! That building is now demolished. What exactly are they building? I’d take the usual suspect AKA residences, but I haven’t really heard anything.

  5. they are putting town homes on both sides of the street. That building has been empty for years.

    1. Hadn’t that building been used as a some kind of car repair shop until a few weeks (maybe months) ago?

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