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    1. Ooooh. Zombies are REALLY going to add to CSD enrollment. Do state limits on classroom size apply to zombinis?

      1. Seeing as how they would be eating their classmates, it seems like enrollment would decline rather rapidly. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  1. Seeing as how this construction project–and the parking lot construction project that is underway because of this project–has caused so much controversy, I made this photo fit the mood.

    1. Do tell. Haven’t heard anything about this controversy except there is one.

      1. First of all, I have been told by a parent who met with many of the municipal employees involved that the need to change the driveway so that the entrance is directly across from Sycamore Place is no longer necessary. It was decided when the Safe Routes project was underway a few years ago, and from what I gather, the fact that it’s no longer the 4/5 Academy and the changes in traffic make it no longer necessary to meet whatever standard of safety applies. Lots of folk tried to stop the project, to no avail. Not one single avail. I may be wrong on any of these points, because my memories tend to fade quickly in the re-run season. Bottom line: It was proposed, it was fought, the proposal is happening.

        The reason we tried to stop it: the buses (I can’t remember if there’s three or four, because I’ve blocked thoughts of school out of my mind until August) park in the front driveway. With the driveway shortened, the buses don’t all fit, so they have to pull along the side of the school, which is where parents line up to pick up they children. That’s one logistical headache.

        The other issue is that the buses need to turn around to exit the school grounds, because as cool as it would be for them to drive through the fields and plow through the other side, the gods of traffic laws find no coolness in it whatsoever (these are the same gods who continually shoot down my flying minivan plans). In order for the buses to turn around without reversing–think about that for a second–the cul-de-sac at the end of the parking lot must be enlarged. That caused more controversy, about which I will write no more.

    2. It’s a premonition of the 1st few weeks of the next school year. Parents will be eating parents while trying to get into the invisible drop-off area.

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