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  1. As I passed these this morning my first thought was “I guarantee this will end up on ‘Eye on the Street'”.

  2. Mom, I love you, but this trailer’s got to go
    I cannot grow old in Salem’s lot
    So here I go it’s my shot.
    Feet, fail me not, this may be the only opportunity that I got

    “Lose Yourself”


    1. I’m just a son of a son, son of a son, son of a son of a sailor.
      The sea’s in my veins, my tradition remains;
      I’m just glad I don’t live in a trailer!

  3. I’m guessing these are modular classrooms (Yeah, euphemisms!) for next year.

    I know they are not ideal learning spaces, BUT…

    [clears old man* throat]

    …in MY day I would have taken one of these any day of the week and twice on Saturday (which was a SCHOOL DAY**) over the single-wide shacks that passed for classrooms in booming Gwinnett County.

    * I am not old man, but so glad I got to use “In my day…” on the Internet.

    ** No it wasn’t.

    1. There are students all over the state of Georgia who’d give a LOT for the chance to attend school in these facilities or something like them, if the deal included the quality of instruction and the array of extracurricular opportunities available to DHS students.

  4. Paraphrasing City of Decatur leaders: “All those people moving into the new condos and apartments whose construction we advocate won’t have any children. You taxpayers don’t have to worry about overburdened classrooms.”

    1. Except, Penelope, bringing in the condos/apt into this conversation doesn’t carry any weight. No one has moved into them yet because they aren’t built yet. These trailers were not caused by condos/apt (again, they have zero residents in them as of today) and you have no proof that the future condos/apt will exasperate the overburdened classroom problem. So, I don’t get your point.

      1. “you have no proof that the future condos/apt will exasperate the overburdened classroom problem”

        Do you have proof it won’t? I think it is a reasonable concern.

    2. Though they will handle some overflow, a big part of the reason for the DHS trailers is in preparation for the renovation, which will take some classrooms out of commission. They’re only scheduled to be there until the reno completes, at which time there should be capacity to handle the enrollment bulge we already know about.

      1. Thanks for the explanation Scott.
        I saw those on Sunday, and did a double take.

        Do you know if any are planned for Renfroe also (although I don’t know if that renovation work has been approved as of yet.)

    3. Almost all of the increase in enrollment has come from either new single-family houses, enlarged single-family houses, or just single-family houses turning over in the market from seniors to young families. So I guess the City should advocate AGAINST single-family housing construction, renovation, and existing home sales in general.

      1. People focus on condos/apartments for a single reason — we can count them all. They put out press releases. I’m not going to argue one vs the other, except that I think multifamily housing gets undeserved extra attention for this reason.

        I think people would be surprised (well, some might) if there were publicly accessible data on building permits, renovations, new construction – beyond just trolling through lots of planning meeting minutes (about the only thing planning/zoning related one can find online). Same with real-estate sales data — home sales are flying, and how many are going to result in homes converting from no CSD kids to 2.3?

        Having said all this, I also think the system has more enrollment capacity and resilience than others do. Trailers are not horrible in the short term, and a lot more cost effective on an annual per classroom basis than long-term capital improvements.

  5. I imagine that student parking will have to be limited. Only seniors? Or maybe it could be an incentive. Five tardies and you lose your space!

    1. Heck! 5 tardies and you lose your seat in the classroom and have to learn in a trailer!!

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