Organic Grocer Earth Fare to Anchor Emory Point Phase II

From Emory

Earth Fare, a North Carolina-based organic and natural foods grocer, has been signed to anchor new retail space being created in the second phase of construction at Emory Point, according to Cousins Properties, Inc., and Gables Residential.

The company, which markets itself as “a healthy supermarket,” will lease a 24,782-square-foot space on the ground floor of the new Phase II development, a street-level location along Clifton Road, says Jason Frost, vice president of Cousins Properties.

…Although finding a grocery store to serve an urban setting with a strong pedestrian focus wasn’t easy, “I think an organic-type grocer fits in very well with the Clifton corridor,” Frost says. “We’re excited. We think it’s a huge win.”


10 thoughts on “Organic Grocer Earth Fare to Anchor Emory Point Phase II”

  1. Great news (alas not a Trader Joes but I’ll take it ;-)) – anyone know timing of 2nd phase of construction?

  2. Frequented Earth Fare when we briefly lived in Greenville, SC, about a decade ago. I remember liking it quite a bit, so glad to have one opening in the area.

    I wonder how/if this will affect the “natural grocery” rumored to be going in the Scott Blvd. Baptist Church site development.

  3. Food store is desperately needed for existing and new retailers. General Muir is doing great, but Bonefish closed and large Italian restaurant is teetering. Grocer will also push up rents for phase 2 apartments.

  4. I bet Whole Foods in not happy. Earth Fare looks and feels nearly identical to Whole Foods, which is just up Briarcliff a mile or two.

    1. Maybe Whole Foods will be moved to plant a flag a bit closer to Decatur than Briarcliff.

  5. I miss their trail mix with chocolate covered espresso beans that I used to eat while studying at UGA.

  6. Earth fare is good. I hope we are able to attract similar to the Carraway development in a couple of years.

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