Trinity Triangle Will Likely Break Ground in Next Month

If you’ve been wondering when the Trinity Triangle project will get off the ground, Decaturish’s latest article on apartment construction around Decatur gives a time frame…

Lyn Menne, Decatur’s Assistant City Manager for Community and Economic Development, said residents can expect to see activity this summer.

“The Trinity Triangle project is working its way through permitting,” she said via email. “We anticipate that it will be breaking ground in late June/early July.”

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  1. Did anyone think of the impact that three projects (Place on Ponce, Trinity Triangle, and whatever the development next to Fidelity is called) will have on traffic in Decatur?

    Seems like poor planning to have all three going at the same time, especially when it normally takes 15 minutes to get from one side of town to the other without ANY projects going on.

    1. “Did anyone think of the impact…”

      Doubt it.

      I just hope everything gets done quickly. I worry about the businesses directly affected by all the construction. Places like Harbor Pub have really taken a hit.

    2. I don’t think it’s practical or fair to ask property owners not to develop on their schedule if they have the zoning and have gone through the permit process. There is pent-up demand. We were all craving projects three years ago.

  2. Any chance the owners will cut the grass or pull the weeds overtaking the DQ building before they break ground? The city brokered them a sweet deal, pushed out the Momins, and they can’t even be bothered to make the slightest effort to maintain the property until the wrecking ball arrives. If my front yard looked like that, I’m sure Decatur Code Enforcement would have something to say about it.

    1. “If my front yard looked like that, I’m sure Decatur Code Enforcement would have something to say about it.”

      Nah. I went for a long walk around Decatur about a month ago, and I was amazed by some of the yards. It seemed people refuse(d) to get their lawnmowers out til school is out. Even if you have convinced yourself that your weeds constitute a lawn b/c they are green, they still need to be kept to 2-3 inches in height, not 6, 8 or 10.

      1. Whatever. Weeds are plants too. I happen to love dandelions and clover is good for bees.

          1. Oh dear. We would be cited for sure. We have some kind of grass that sprouts big tall seed stalks within days of being mowed. I figured it was good for the lawn. But we would be so out of code. These stalks hit 10″ in no time at all. Can’t they count as tree canopy?

        1. +1 for clover–keeps the kids busy looking for 4-leafs. And I love lawn violets. To be honest, I think well-manicured homogenous-grass lawns look odd, kind of like a lawn toupee.

  3. And the Howard/Hillyer project has already started a block from the Trinity Triangle. I guess this is what we get in a ‘hot’ market. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Typical anti-development comments from this thread. All of the new projects will be great for the city. We do need to remember that it is a city and a growing one at that. The Trinity project will really open a gateway to bridge the downtown core to this section of Decatur. It will bring real street life and pedestrians along this corridor as well as improve the streetscape and walkability for this zone. Trinity combined with the town houses along East Howard will be a great example of positive expansion for our fair city by brining affordable housing as well as younger residents. These projects will provide increased tax base along with continued stabilization of property values for the surrounding areas.

    The timing does stink a bit to have 3 major jobs all at one time but if you look at the cycles in the past this is not out of the norm. I hope that the workers on these project will help to support places like the Harbor Bar and I do agree that we will all need to be proactive about supporting our local owners while construction takes place. I do wish that the constant griping about growth and development in the area would mellow a bit. Decatur is growing, it is going to keep on growing. If you decide to live her you need to accept that and be excited for the benefits that offset the negatives in most cases.

    Just wait until the Calloway building project gets going along with the 2 Decatur Housing Authority projects and the possibility of a new hotel next to the Marriott. I say bring it on, I moved here for the benefits of both a great urban area combined with the schools and people. All will need care and help to maintain the level of quality we have come to demand but we still need to have the development to help pay and improve our city.

    1. “The timing does stink a bit to have 3 major jobs all at one time…”

      Typical anti-development comment 😉

  5. Dear Developer,

    Thank you so much for investing in me. I understand that I’ve placed many constraints on you. I have a long history of pursuing specific types of developments that fit my master plan, and I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to work within that plan, rather than go somewhere where they’ll let you just slap something up that someone will just knock down in 20 years. I hear that there are places where the government will give you the land and pay to have the buildings made if you can field a 25 man roster.
    We also understand that you have millions and millions of dollars tied up this project, and while that money is committed here, you are hamstrung from using it elsewhere. Nonetheless, could you please refrain from breaking ground for, say, about a year, while these competing developments I’ve already approved finish up their work. The traffic will be a real bother, you know.

    Thanks so much,

    City of Decatur

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