Reader Report: Lawrenceville Hwy Closed This Morning

A long time reader writes in…

I’m in hell.  Lville Hwy closed in both directions between Dekalb ave and Orion.  Everyone is at a standstill in all the surrounding neighborhood streets.

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  1. There’s an accident with injuries on Scott at DeKalb Industrial. Wires down at Orion.

  2. I believe you mean DeKalb Industrial. Just checked the google maps and it looks nightmarish. Reminiscent of the gas main break in the same area not too long ago.

    1. You’re right, it is Dekalb Industrial. I was texting while sitting in traffic, so I was shorthanding. Thanks for catching that.

      Heather says it was an accident with injuries. Hope it’s not too serious.

  3. At 8 am DeKalb Industrial was open. The problem was on L’ville Hwy. L’ville Hwy was closed in both directions by the QT. DeKalb Industrial was open. This may have changed later, but based on where the problem was, I doubt that they would have closed DeKalb Indust. Unless another problem arose.

  4. I was driving through about 90 seconds after this happened and just squeezed through on my way to 285 before they shut things down. 78 headed into town was already backed all the way up to 285. It looked like just lines down. A truck carrying tree branches/yard debris was loaded up really tall and snagged the lines heading eastbound.

  5. I hope those injured persons have the common decency to apologize to you for the inconvenience they caused you and made your morning hell. I suspect their day was hell too, only worse.

    1. I didn’t get the sense that any of these posters were blaming or criticizing any of those involved in the accidents. In fact, one poster hoped the accident wasn’t too serious.

      1. Look at the first sentence of the post. “I’m in hell.” Traffic is not nearly the hell that those who were actually injured were experiencing.

    2. Note in my post above the following…”Heather says it was an accident with injuries. Hope it’s not too serious.”

      I had no idea the cause of the closure at the time I sent my note to DM. But thanks for the lecture. You’re all class.

      1. Because “I’m in hell” is a classy way to describe the inconvenience you faced (regardless of whether or not you knew the cause of the closure).

        By the way, put down the phone while you’re in the car.

        1. Geez, I’m in hell now because you and Golf Ball are blowing this hyperbolic statement WAY out proportion. Did you guys eat raw meat for breakfast or something?

          By the way, I was completely stopped in traffic, in neutral and the handbrake on while on my phone.

          1. Betcha Captain Herb is having a good chuckle in Heaven over how your traffic report is getting parsed. :0)

          2. yeah, how dare you state that your situation is exactly like that experienced by those currently in an imaginary bad place? that’s a hell of a thing to do.

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