Honor Your Favorite Decatur Educators This Month


Gail Rothman from the Decatur Education Foundation writes in…

This month Decatur is Stepping Up for Teachers!

The Decatur Education Foundation is helping our community show its support for the best educators anywhere with the Step Up for Teachers Campaign. Make a donation in honor of your favorite educator and DEF will deliver a yard sign to your Decatur address and post your message on our website. We want to blanket the city with love for the people who work so hard in schools across our community.

See the wonderful tribute messages already posted at https://decatureducationfoundation.org/teacher-testimonials/ and then click on the donate link to make your gift ($20 minimum for a yard sign and to have your message posted, $50 gets you 3 tribute messages). All donations support teacher grants and other educator support.

Businesses have joined in too with discounts and specials for CSD employees – https://decatureducationfoundation.org/teacher-testimonials/businesses/
Join us and Step Up!

One thought on “Honor Your Favorite Decatur Educators This Month”

  1. Do this parents! I’ve gotten wonderful thank you notes from teachers when we’ve done this. Remember those educators who aren’t often recognized but are wonderful–e.g. paraprofessionals, student interns, media center staff, “specials”, case managers, instructional coaches, etc.–as well as the visible super stars. And those lawn signs are supercool, even if you haven’t cut your grass in a while.

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