Doc Chey’s In Emory Village Reportedly Becoming Dragon Bowl

Another Emory Village food development reported by Tomorrow’s News Today

Doc Chey’s Noodle House at Emory Village becoming Dragon Bowl.
Doc Chey’s Dragon Bowl will open later this summer in place of Doc Chey’s Noodle House on North Decatur Road at Emory Village.  Dragon Bowl will sport a menu similar to its predecessor but with new proteins like ribeye steak and pork belly.  Dragon Bowl will offer six sauce options, four base options and four protein options.  The menu will also have a variety of rotating specials as well as a few side and beverage options.    Sides will include Kimchi Dumplings while beverage options will include assorted teas, beers, sake and wine.

10 thoughts on “Doc Chey’s In Emory Village Reportedly Becoming Dragon Bowl”

    1. I used to get frustrated with people who criticize Doc Chey’s until I realized that they’re mainly the same people who think Mellow Mushroom is good pizza.

      1. I used to get frustrated with the people who liked Doc Chey’s, until I realized they were mainly the same people think Mellow Mushroom is good pizza.

        1. I swear it was better when it first opened, when you’d order at a window counter and share tables with other dining parties. It seemed to decline about the time that they started using wait staff to take orders from diners.

          Or maybe we just hadn’t been exposed to enough good Asian food yet?

          1. I think you’ve got a point there. Doc Cheys was my go to before I figured my way around Buford Hwy. Once that happened I noticed a decline in my appreciation for their food.

  1. Whoa. This doesn’t sound so bad, I’m just shocked because sometimes it seems like certain things will never change. I think I’ve been eating at this restaurant longer than almost any other since I moved to Atlanta. All in all it’s probably a good thing, and continues the trend of updating the Emory Village.

  2. Sure, let’s see. The Emory location is the worst of the fleet so probably needs a revamp. Hope some new staff are added. Had my first dish at morningside location in 1998…damn good. What ever happened to the scallion pancakes?!?

  3. Miss those scallion pancakes. Craving for the pancakes was usually the reason we drove over to Doc’s. And then they messed with the garlic eggplant dish recipe. Now we just wander in when we happen to be in the neighborhood.

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