Paces Clairemont Construction Commences Along Commerce


Gwyneth sent in this picture of land disturbance in the Fidelity parking lot behind 160 Clairemont along Commerce Drive in Decatur yesterday.  This morning construction crews were again at work tearing up the lot.

More info on the project can be found HERE.

10 thoughts on “Paces Clairemont Construction Commences Along Commerce”

  1. Seems to be going around, as the 315 W. Ponce project is also tearing up its surface lot this week to begin construction on the main block of apartments there.

    Soon they will be leveling the site, and part of me will miss Dirt Mountain, which sprung up behind our house over a couple of days late last summer.

  2. homahgawd!

    i am so excited about these new net profit single residents relieving my tax burden. in fact, i’ve already calculated my savings and am going out to buy a new car this afternoon.

    beers afterward at BSP—i’m buyin.

  3. All of this is great news, I agree nice to see them start. One big question is when the Trinity project will start. Sad to see the DQ closed early if they do not plan to start soon. Then also when will the townhouse project start over on East Howard?

    Lots coming the Decatur way. all exciting but will be a bit disruptive for a while.

  4. With the deck opened at 315 W. Ponce and all the Fidelity people using the First Baptist deck, is it possibly safe to park in the old Decatur First Bank lot again? There are only a few cars from 315 there these days.

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