Goosebumps Filming in Decatur Cemetery


Melissa sends in this photo of a sign and set as Goosebumps – starring Jack Black and Amy Ryan – films in the Decatur Cemetery today.  The sign indicates that filming took place yesterday and will continue through today.

Perhaps this is related to all the trucks in Suburban Plaza the last couple of days.  Kathy sent in this photo yesterday…

trucks suburban

9 thoughts on “Goosebumps Filming in Decatur Cemetery”

  1. I sold soooo many Goosebumps books when I worked at Waldenbooks in college. I won’t say when that was, but it predates Amazon…

  2. I’m ignorant of what Goosebumps is about, but why is an adaptation of a kids book series starring two 40-somethings?

  3. Amazing scene last night with the lights, tower cams and dry-ice fog in the cemetery — not to mention dozens of crew members. Truly one of the most impressive setups I’ve seen yet for a movie shoot in Decaturwood.

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