Decatur Schools Again Post Strong Scores In Newly Released School Index

The AJC has put its searchable “College and Career-Ready Performance Index” from the Georgia Department of Education behind a paywall, but you can still access the data on the GA DOE website.  Georgia describes the scores – in their second year – as “…a comprehensive school improvement, accountability, and communication platform for all educational stakeholders that will promote college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students.”

Andisheh charted out the scores by city/county and elementary/middle/high school on Twitter, and noted that Decatur “does very well”.

CSD seems to have declined a bit in Elementary and Middle School scores from last year, and gained slightly at the High School level.

11 thoughts on “Decatur Schools Again Post Strong Scores In Newly Released School Index”

  1. I got the email about us being 5th in CCPRI but couldn’t get either the AJC nor the State DOE searchable queries to generate a report that would allow me to confirm the ranking. But I’ll assume that at least one of us compulsive CSD followers will do the laborious job of making sure that only four systems are ahead of us by composite CCPRI score.

  2. Wow, those graphics are… uh.

    Access to information on AJC’s paywall is awfully inexpensive. Costs less than a latte. Journalists like to earn money. Comes in handy when paying rent, city taxes, etc. etc.

  3. I would be interested in seeing how DHS and Renfroe compare to the top 10% of schools in the metro area. Apples to Oranges when you compare the whole schools districts.

    1. In today’s AJC, the top schools in the state posted a score of 98 to 100; 80s are considered good and 90s are “exceptional.” to be fair, the top schools are typically County magnet schools.

    2. 11 Alive website has a report to use.
      I don’t think it’s set up to use a filter (so no “All HS by rank” option.)

      Just looking through our neighboring counties and APS, DHS and Refroe stack up very well.
      As you say, a lot of the ones that “beat” us in score are actually magnet or “academy” schools within the county. I suppose technically we are a charter school, but we cannot pick and choose like the others.

      1. I’d argue that we’re more like a magnet school than a charter–a magnet for families with:
        –Lots of income or assets that can buy $750,000 houses
        –Elementary school children
        –Taste for crafts beer and fancy cocktails
        –Preference for intown living
        –Desire for smaller (but getting bigger), walkable (but many parents drive) neighborhood schools

  4. I get the general idea of a school score that is about the full scope of what a school does, not just just the test scores. But I find the title of the score, “College and Career-Ready Performance Index”, to be a little pretentious for the elementary school level. I’m ok with Morning Celebration being about building school community and a sense of ownership and belonging, whether or not it gets students into Harvard or a union job.

    1. The sick joke being that a kid today is more likely to get into Harvard than get a union job.

    1. And is this surprising? Which parent is more likely to have the leisure to read to their kids, take them to museums and after-school activities, give them music lessons, have computer access in their home, etc., the educated, middle class one earning well above the minimum wage or the one working at Walmart or McDonalds?

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