Decatur City Commission Scheduled to Vote on Parkwood Annexation This Evening

If you click over to the Decatur City Commission’s agenda for this evening, you’ll see that the Parkwood annexation is on the agenda for a final vote this evening.  As Decaturish notes this morning…

The Parkwood Annexation would bring 77 parcels into the city limits, 16 of which already are partially in the city limits. The annexation would also include a 3 acre green space, Parkwood Park. …. If the annexation is approved on Monday, it would become effective July 1, according to a draft of the ordinance published on the city’s website.

8 thoughts on “Decatur City Commission Scheduled to Vote on Parkwood Annexation This Evening”

  1. Time to forget about the flood plain and busy road and start expanding Westchester–A Community Learning for Life!

  2. Well, no surprise that it passed–it was pretty much a foregone conclusion. I guess now we just have to figure out how best to handle the influx of families with school-aged children that is coming. But more importantly, we should be welcoming to our new fellow Decaturites, because that’s how we roll up in here.

  3. Welcome, Parkwood! I use your streets almost daily to get down to Oakhurst, Kirkwood, and East Lake. Glad we’ll all be COD but also glad that your senior high school students have the option of finishing up at Druid Hills. Remember–save your boxtops for education, walk don’t drive those kids to school, and, if you don’t have one already, please install a Little Library or two!

  4. Welcome! I hope the Parkwood residents will enjoy being a part of CoD as much as my family has. I’m not far and also pass through Parkwood to get down to Oakhurst. My husband jogs through there on occasion and we’re thrilled about CoD adding that beautiful green space.

  5. Thank you all very much! We know this has been a hot topic of a process and are grateful for the warm welcome.

    @AHID – we do have a Little Library (at the figure 8 of where East and West Parkwood connect)! Come check it out!

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