Resident Looking for Support to Get North Decatur Road Pot Holes Filled

An interesting post on the CHCA website, if you’ve ever found yourself head-on with one of these lovely holes in North Decatur Road lately…

From local resident Jim Smith: I went to the DC R&D website and filled out the online paving/pothole “Request for Assistance” form to get them to repave the westbound curb lane of N. Decatur Road. I am hoping that if enough folks do the same that we will get a response. The potholes in the section of N. Decatur Rd. from Medlock to N. Superior are so bad that folks are constantly swerving into the other lane to avoid them. Please fill out the request form and let’s try to get some results from our tax dollars !! Fill out the form online and click the “Submit by Email” button at the top.  There is also an email address you could use: [email protected]  if you prefer.  Thanks… Jim Smith

16 thoughts on “Resident Looking for Support to Get North Decatur Road Pot Holes Filled”

  1. Hubs and I were just complaining about this the other day! It’s awful to drive on this road. Not only are the lanes too narrow, there are pot holes everywhere! Thank you, Jim, for getting the ball rolling!

  2. Thanks for posting – due to heavy traffic I had no choice but to hit one of these potholes the other day and it was so jarring I was afraid I had damaged my car!

  3. This is a tricky one because the smoother and wider a roadway lane is, the faster people are comfortable going, which may be desirable to people passing through but runs contrary to the surrounding neighborhood’s goal of slowing traffic down.

    In a totally unplanned way, the colossal state of disrepair on N. Decatur is really the only thing working to calm traffic.

    1. Its actually not that simple . There are two gov. s to blame. N Decatur RD in that section goes in and out of Decatur . years ago Decatur actually repaved their part , I have no idea how long its been since Dekalb has done thiers . then two years ago they dug up the center lane to repair the gas lines but only repaved as little as they could , after tearing up the whole road ( criminal if you ask me) top that off with heavy loaded dump trucks going 60/70 mph and N Decatur RD has turned into an old country Dirt road!

      I really enjoy the hubcap collection in my front yard !

    2. are you sure ineptitude is to blame? are they too stupid to know it’s a problem? or too stupid to know how to fix it?

      i realize there’s a problem, i’m just not convinced ineptitude is to blame. but who knows, maybe it is that simple.

  4. The paving list shows it was funded in 2013 thru the state for 4.2 miles and is pending…N Indian Crk to 2368 N Decatur Rd

  5. A lot of Dekalb thoroughfares are turning into embarrassments. I can only assume there isn’t enough money allocated, thanks to HOST and the Marta penny. They blew a bunch on redoing Briarcliff, which wasn’t that bad. Some are jokes–ever taken Pleasantdale Rd from 85 to Buford Highway? Gwinnett’s section smooth as silk, DeKalb’s may as well be a gravel driveway. Dekalb Industrial, Sams Crossing, Clifton…a pretty long list.

  6. Done! And I also sent in a request to restripe north Decatur between Clairmont and Superior. The paint there is almost gone and it’s difficult to see where the lane size changes

  7. I tried sending the completed form to the provided call center email address. I received a delivery failure notice in return.

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