MM: Remembering, Loehmann’s Becoming Fresh Market?, and YAs Staying in Cities

9 thoughts on “MM: Remembering, Loehmann’s Becoming Fresh Market?, and YAs Staying in Cities”

  1. 2015 completion sounds wildly ambitious for the Avondale Station development.

    Regarding the Loehmanns’s spot, I was under the impression that The Fresh Market was connected to Kroger? They seem to carry similar items. Not very impressed with their other stores.
    Traffic issues aside, this would seem to be a good spot for a Trader Joe’s, but it seems they’re done with adding Atlanta-area stores.

  2. Fresh Market is a Greensboro, NC, independent company, not a Kroger subsidiary. If its offerings are significantly different from Whole Foods’, you sure can’t tell from their Buckhead and Dunwoody stores. It’s a good alternative for those who don’t mind Whole Foods-level prices but who don’t want to give their money to John Mackey.

  3. I would be absolutely against allowing a private company (who is not even a public utility) to use any City property for infrastructure they will use to make money off the residents. Let them rent locations and conform to zoning like everyone else. Just because they are Google does not give them Carte Blanche to City assets.

      1. Franchise fees may not apply to broadband providers. Ran into this issue recently. They could still be charged to access the ROW.

    1. If I had to guess, I would say that somewhere just north of 99% of CoD residents disagree with you on this.

  4. And I guess we are not getting Sprouts at the church location across from the planned Walmart either. AJC reported that 4 Sprouts stores are coming to Atlanta, but none of the four mentioned were anywhere near Decatur.

    1. I think the developer modified its development plans and pushed the market to phase 2, if ever. The giant apartment building (with a very small coffee shop for retail so it qualifies as mixed use) is a poison pill to make sure CoD doesn’t annex the property.

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