Where Farm Burger Meets Berkeley

Tomorrow’s News Today reports that Decatur’s Farm Burger – who already has outposts is Buckhead, Dunwoody and Asheville, NC – will open its fifth location in West Berkeley, California.

The Farm Burger will open in a  renovated and renamed shopping center anchored by a relatively new Whole Foods Market as well as upcoming Road Runner Sports.  Formerly known as Gilman Village, the center’s new name is Gilman Crossings and features a number of new tenants and center enhancements.

Jason Mann is a 2000 graduate of the University of California-Berkeley, and had been living in San Diego for over a year.  Mann was a founding partner of Farm 255 (in Athens) which in turn sprouted the first Farm Burger in Decatur. With many of the founding partners involved in other endeavors, Farm 255 closed last year, after eight years in business.   Seizing the opportunity to open an outpost of Farm Burger in an area that Mann is not only familiar with, but also credits with growing him as a farmer and restaurateur, the pieces came together for a Farm Burger in Berkeley.

6 thoughts on “Where Farm Burger Meets Berkeley”

  1. The logistics are mind-bending. Surely they’re not going to ship beef from Athens to California?

    1. pfft, no need to ship beef—in Berkley, food’s just a state of mind.
      you go to the counter, order, and you’ll get an empty plate which enables you to visualize a nourishing meal that injures no creature, nor hurts anyone’s feeling.

      yes, yes, your stomach may growl a little, but the trumpets of moral satisfaction will drown that out.

  2. Going to spread the word to all my East Bay friends- I hope he brings some Sweetwater with him too. Go Bears!

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