What are Your Favorite Hikes Around Atlanta?

A great new book, “Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests“, got me thinking about known and unknown hiking trails around Atlanta.  The book includes 20 hikes inside the perimeter – including ones around Decatur Cemetery/Glenlake Park and Deepdene/Frazer Forest – and 40 beyond I-285.

You can view the full table of contents HERE.

Are your favorite Atlanta area hikes included on the list?  Are there others that weren’t included?


15 thoughts on “What are Your Favorite Hikes Around Atlanta?”

  1. From downtown D through the Agnes Scott campus, past the Observatory, south of the lacrosse field, to Oakhurst Community Garden is a lovely walk. Cap it off on the return trip with a cocktail at Kimball House or a beer at the Trackside and it’s a pefect afternoon.

    1. If this was a “for the money” thread, the beer at Trackside would definitely win. You can get FIVE PBRs there for the price of one Kimball House cocktail!

      BTW, I do this walk often and I do cap it with beers at Trackside 🙂

  2. Some of my favorites are on the list: Arabia Mountain and Panola Mountain.

    Fernbank Forest was also a favorite when it was open to the public.

  3. Sweetwater state park, just past 6 Flags on I20 is amazing. The cival war ruin is cool and the waterfall is as pretty as the north GA mountains.

    Lullwater park at Emory has a suspension bridge and a fairly secluded feel for a mile or two. Great place to walk our dog.

    Yellow River Park on the other side of Stone Mountain is nice for hiking or entry-level mountain biking.

    Arabia Mountain is up to 30 miles of paved trails. Big hills, but very pretty landscape. The frogs in the swampy part were singing up a storm last week.

  4. Not much of a hike at all (just over a mile one way), but we do enjoy walking the trail that connects Mason Mill Park and the old Waterworks to the Medlock baseball fields. (South Peachtree Creek Trail) Doubt you will find anywhere else so much graffiti so close to million dollar homes.

  5. If you have little bitty ones, you can “hike” in Hidden Cove Park behind Westchester. We used to love that. It’s great prep for the bitty ones who will eventually attend Westchester (i.e. best we can predict). And once the playground is restored and invasive prickly weeds removed, you can end your hike on a fun playground again.

  6. This book is excellent, I bought the other day, although he missed my favorite walk to and from Glenn Creek Nature Preserve on Fairview St.

    1. Hi Treesrock,

      I also love Glenn Creek, but it didn’t end up making the book because it was a little shorter hike than others I had the option of including. I had to cut about 10 of my favorite hikes (like Whittier Mills, Storza Woods in the Botanical Gardens, the Kirkwood Urban Forest, etc.) in the final version of the book. So what I’m doing instead is creating an online map of hikes that provides hiking info about all the greenspaces (like Glenn Creek) that didn’t end up in the book. Here is an early version of that map: http://hikingatlanta.com/atlanta-greenspaces/

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