MM: James Joyce Has New Owner, New Krog Street Market Vendors, and Granny’s Gone to Brooklyn

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7 thoughts on “MM: James Joyce Has New Owner, New Krog Street Market Vendors, and Granny’s Gone to Brooklyn”

  1. Love the new online property tax bill.

    Hate the 2.2% “convenience” fee, plus $.30 transaction fee. That’s $75 for our house, versus the $.49 stamp to mail it in.

    1. That “convenience fee” covers the fee the credit card company charges the city. I forget exactly which municipality started charging it a year or two ago (maybe Altanta), but it made the news b/c some residents were pissed and bitching about how it wasn’t “fair”. Of course they don’t understand that if they aren’t charged that fee, other taxpayers are subsidizing their taxes.

    2. The “convenience fee” is mostly likely a charge to cover the merchant fee the city pays when you pay by credit card.

      1. Yep, the 2.2% is a bank interchange fee that’s charged on credit transactions. Online, all transactions are charged as credit, aside from Paypal, and therefore incur the fee. That’s generally why in the real world, retailers prefer you use the debit option (no interchange fee for them, just the cheap transaction fee) and banks offer rewards programs as incentive to use the credit option.

      1. Wait, aren’t you Parker Cross (one of my favorite names on this blog)?

        You are correct, it is optional. So I’ll just mail it in, or take a nice walk to downtown and hand it over to the really nice lady at the desk.

        And thanks to DF and IS for pointing out the credit card/merchant fee. Hadn’t occurred to me, and now the fee makes sense.

        1. Outed! Yes, I just changed it while we discussed Parkwood annexation. And thanks for the kind words.

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