Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Days Start This Weekend

My apologies to “Oakhurst Neighborhood #1”, since I’m just posting this and your clean up day is tomorrow!  Neighborhood clean up days start this weekend, so without further ado, from The Decatur Minute

The City of Decatur offers Neighborhood Clean-Up days once a year to allow residents to dispose of bulky items that wouldn’t normally be placed in Pay-As-You-Throw bags.  Each street in the City is assigned to one Saturday each spring, generally between March-June.

The event starts this Saturday, so make sure to check the schedule below to find out which day your street will be picked up.


For more information on either event, contact: Sean Woodson, Solid Waste Superintendent, [email protected], 678-898-8562.

As for the list of items the city will NOT collect, here’s this year’s list…


  • • liquids
  • • dirt
  • • bricks
  • • blocks
  • • stone, rocks, or concrete
  • • motor vehicle batteries or parts

3 thoughts on “Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Days Start This Weekend”

  1. No love for Talley Street, eh? I get it. We live in condos. We couldn’t possibly have bulky garbage…

  2. just took about three wheelbarrows full of orneriness, self-loathing, complacency, and questionable flossing habits to the curb.

    good riddance.

    thanks, Public Works!

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