Decatur Public Works and CSD Facilities Building Rededication Next Monday


The City of Decatur sent out this announcement this morning…

Please join City of Decatur Public Works and City Schools of Decatur Facilities Maintenance on Monday, March 24 at 8:30 a.m.for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the recently renovated Eloise T. Leveritt Building

***Tours of the facility will also be available upon request***

The building is named for former City of Decatur Mayor pro tem (and Commissioner) Eloise T. Leveritt. She served from 1957 – 1972.

5 thoughts on “Decatur Public Works and CSD Facilities Building Rededication Next Monday”

  1. I love how they just erased the Talley Street Lofts from existence in that image. Guess I’m homeless.

    1. Better run home and check! (Architects are trained to ignore context and consider their buildings only in splendid isolation.) 😉

    2. Those see-through shadow people are kind of scarey. Are they residents or workers? And how do they get the flag up and down without a rope and pulley? I wish I had a virtually green and well-edged lawn.

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