Free-For-All Friday 3/14/14

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the past week.

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  1. A final plug for tomorrow’s Tour deCatur: No storms this year, 2,500 registered (and counting), proceeds benefiting Decatur’s kids, a chance to win a 42-inch flat screen TV, choice of 1-Mile, 5K or “Tot Trot” … on and on.

    Best sight is seeing teams from each school running in their school colors. Official start time is 8:45 for 1-Mile, 9:15 for the 5K. Come on out! More:

    1. As someone who works with pregnant women, I would suggest picking birthplace based on provider and not hospital/location. The most well-regarded practices I know of in the metro area are Joseph Tate (OB, Emory Midtown) and Intown Midwifery (Atlanta Medical). Both of these practices use evidence-based medicine. There are many reviews for Tate on and a bunch for Intown Midwifery on Yelp.

    2. we delivered ours at Piedmont, and had great experiences both times.
      the staff was very accommodating with our requests for natural birth, and aside
      from the Devil’s Bed (the extending chair fathers must sleep on if they wish to spend
      the night with their wives) we were comfortable.

      our latest “visit” was 7 years ago, so things may have changed . . .

      also were pleased with Atlanta OB/GYN across the street for all prenatal check-ups, and
      the lactating classes Piedmont provides for expectant mothers.

    3. There are more good choices for homebirth, but if you’re interested in hospital only I would choose either Dr. Joseph Tate out of Emory, or In Town Midwifery out of Atlanta Medical Center. My last choice would probably be Northside or Piedmont, with their crazy high c-section rates. If you want a medicated birth (epidural, etc), the Wellstar hospitals (Cobb & Kennestone) are good for postpartum care; just make sure you get the c-section rate of whatever practice you choose if you go with one of those. Shouldn’t be higher than 15%.

    4. To me, the hospital is important because you can’t predict which Ob/Gyn or midwife will be on call when you deliver, and they may have other patients to attend to, so you spend a lot of time with hospital staff. I think there’s a birthing center or two around these days–that would be wonderful. In my day, Piedmont seemed to have the best birthing options and food (postpartum) intown but am not up on that anymore.

      1. If you deliver with Dr. Tate, he is in a practice by himself and he does not trade call, ever. He doesn’t take vacations. The only way he will not be delivering your baby is if you deliver within about 20-30 minutes of getting to the hospital.

        Intown Midwifery has 6 midwives. They are taking a “team approach” to patients recently which means that you will be assigned to two midwives and you will get a chance to meet all the other midwives. The thing that sets them apart from some other practices is 1) they are evidence-based and 2) they have fairly consistent policies with regards to how they practice obstetrics, ie when they would suggest an induction, how long patients are “allowed” to labor before interventions, etc. I’m not saying they are perfect in this regard but they are much more consistent than other large practices which is one reason they area popular.

        There are no birth centers in the metro area right now. There is a movement to start one (the Atlanta Birth Center) but they are still at least a year or two, if not more, away from taking patients. There may be some hospitals that claim to have “birth centers” but they are not birth centers in the true sense of the word, just another way to describe hospital L&D units that may be a little prettier than some others.

        1. Cool. I’m a big fan of midwives. They are experts in birth without procedures. And when that’s not enough, there’s Obs, who are experts in procedures. I’m sad that Georgia still does not have a stand-alone birthing center, all these years since I was looking for one.

          1. I’m pretty sure there is a stand-alone in Savannah, that’s just not do-able for most people in metro Atlanta. I don’t know very much about it though. I’m hopeful that we will see one here in a couple of years–there is definitely a lot of passion behind it and a lot of moms who desire it.

            1. You’re right–there was one near Savannah once and maybe it’s still there. We need some in Metro Atlanta.

      2. I agree with Poplar. First find a practitioner that respects the birth process and you can trust. I also highly suggest taking a non-hospital childbirth education class. I love Intuitive Birth from Baby Steps and there is a series in Decatur. They meet at Lotus of Life Chiropractic. Here’s a link.

    5. I agree with Poplar, I would choose based on the provider and not the hospital. It is a good point that you can’t always guarantee which provider will be at your birth in a practice with multiple docs or midwives – that is why it is important to choose a practice where they are all on the same page, or a sole practitioner who doesn’t share call (a rare find these days).

      I am a labor doula and have worked a lot with the two practices mentioned (I’m also a patient of Dr. Tate’s) and they would be the top two that I would suggest checking out. Intown Midwifery has a meet & greet the first Wednesday of every month where prospective patients can learn more about the practice and tour the hospital.

      The Atlanta area has a higher cesarean rate than the US average, and the US average is still far above ideal. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology just issued a statement on reducing the primary cesarean rate last month – – finding a provider who practices evidence-based medicine is important!

    6. I delivered twice at Piedmont, great experience both times (3 years ago, and 6 months ago). As we were half way to Piedmont the second time, I wondered why I was not delivering at Dekalb Medical given its proximity to Decatur. I love my Piedmont practice – which is why I stayed there, but I have some friends that have been happy at Dekalb as well. I ended up delivering with a midwife at Piedmont as my doc did not make it in time to catch the baby – and luckily there was a midwife on the floor that could coach me through a natural birth (which was not my plan). She was not with my practice either – just happened to be at the hospital.

    7. I can recommend Piedmont. I’ve delivered two babies there, the last one about two years ago. The nurses are wonderful. They also have a supportive education program — lactation consultants, childbirth classes, etc. I saw Atlanta Women’s Healthcare (Drs. Taylor, Suarez, Cook, Carroll, Adams). My doctor (Adams) supported my wish for as few interventions as possible, and fortunately, few were needed. Also was able to go beyond my due date (safely) as an over-40 mom.

      If you are looking for a doula, I can also recommend Laura Alexander, who teaches pregnancy yoga at Pierce Yoga in Va-Hi.

      Good luck!

      1. OMG, Pierce Yoga is good. I’m still benefitting from it, so many years later. Don’t deliver without it. It’s not just yoga, it’s an entire pregnancy/birth experience. I tried other pregnancy programs in my day, but they were just pregnancy yoga, not the entire Pierce pregnancy experience.

        1. So many people rave about Pierce. I might have to have another baby just so I can do it! (I am kidding if you are reading this Mr. Nubbs).

    8. More important than the hospital is your provider choice, hiring of a trained labor doula, and how you choose to educate yourself while pregnant about labor and delivery. Hospital choice would probably be the last thing on my list if I were going to rank what’s most important in getting the outcome of the type of delivery you want. There is a reason why more than 1 out of 3 moms end up with a C-section, and it is not because of the hospital.

      If you are looking for a provider who believes in a woman’s ability to give birth to her baby, then I would definitely choose from one of the following practices:

      Joe Tate
      Intown Midwifery
      and last on this short list is probably Roswell OBGYN

      Also, hiring a doula and taking a good childbirth class is key! (Read: that does not include a class taught at any of the local hospitals!). Look into Baby Steps Intuitive Guide to Childbirth class for an awesome comprehensive, empowering, and educational course. There really isn’t anything else like it in Atlanta.

      1. I’m a fan of labor doulas as well as midwives. But they vary a lot in training and style. Be sure and interview carefully and find someone with whom you want to be close during a fairly intimate and intense experience.

        I have to say that sometimes labor doulas can be unnecessary if you have a particularly good midwife. For one delivery, the two were kind of tripping over one another. On the other hand, you can’t be sure of which midwife will be on-call when you deliver.

        Also love postpartum doulas. The kind who sort of move in with you until you emerge from postpartum confusion and remember how to boil water, turn on the washing machine, and go food shopping.

      2. RE Baby Steps Intuitive Guide to Childbirth: Checked out the local Baby Steps online and it looks great. Question: It has a homebirth class. Homebirth used to be quasi-illegal in Georgia. It was legal for the Mom to deliver at home but not for someone to deliver her, e.g. a midwife. Has that changed?

        1. There is still no licensure for DEM/CPMs, however now there is an OB who is openly backing up the local homebirth midwives. There are also a handful of CNMs now offering homebirth with backup, and they are licensed by the state 🙂

          1. Hey, that’s awesome! I had a homebirth eleven years ago and at the time there was no OB who would back up my midwife. (Didn’t need it, fortunately! My midwife was the bomb.) I haven’t really kept up with the legal status of homebirth since then, and I’m glad to hear that it’s progressed a little bit.

    9. Had one emergnecy delivery at Northside (long story) and one at Piedmont. LOVED Piedmont and staff there. Saw Judith Cox (midwife) with Atlanta Ob and Gyn and loved her too. She successfully coached me through an unmedicated VBAC. Upon my arrival for delivery, Piedmont staff had my birth plan in hand and supported me (and hubby) in our goals through the whole process.

    10. Where is the love for DeKalb Medical Center? Both of my kids were delivered there and the experience (and proximity) are great. We were with Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics. One of their doctors is on call at all times and you rotate through them with your pre-natal checkups. We also took classes at DeKalb Medical Center that were helpful for first-time parenting.

      1. Didn’t deliver there but did love DeKalb Medical’s new mother support group and breastfeeding mothers support group. There was also once a postpartum baby-and-me exercise class that I liked. You didn’t have to deliver there to attend any of these. Not sure they all still exist.

        Something that was once more plentiful but I had a hard time finding during my pregnancies was pregnancy water exercise classes. Water seems ideal for pregnancy exercising. But couldn’t find anything except OTP.

        1. The breastfeeding group still exists. I have met some of my best mommy friends through it. Oh Baby now also has pregnancy water classes (among other great classes) at Agnes Scott and the Dekalb Medical pools.

          1. If I were pregnant again, I would spend all my free time at Oh Baby water classes and Pierce pregnancy yoga. It’s hard if you have other children at home, but that’s what partners are for.

      2. Had a great experience with North DeKalb (16 years ago) and LOVED the New Mothers Group that met in their Wellness Center. I don’t think I would’ve survived the first 6 months without it!

        Northside experience was good too, but I felt more like one in a thousand there.

    11. Go with the MD group you like. I am not sure there is a best practice. We had 2 kids at Dekalb and had a good experience. Dr Bonk on Winn Way is great and we like her partners.

      Unless it is a scheduled C section, you will likely be delivered by one of your doc’s partners, so you need to be comfortable with the whole group. The bigger the group, the less likely you will catch your MD on call.

      Northside is the busiest OB hospital in the USA; it is a well oiled machine. Peidmont is a nice, moderate sized OB program. We like the mother center at Dekalb just fine. It was brand new 5 years ago. The ER there………no so much.

      1. If you are looking for evidence-based medicine, there are definitely some practices that stack up better than others. That is why I make a point of recommending practices that have a proven track record among the hundreds of women I have spoken to about their pregnancies and births. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has reviewed the evidence and released a new consensus statement designed to reduce the primary cesarean rate. If I hear of more local docs taking those guidelines in mind, I would feel encouraged.

        1. With all this talk about birth in the Atlanta area, I want to do a shout out to a small but growing organization working to support refugee women in the Clarkston area as they become mothers in a new country. EMBRACE is founded by two doulas who saw a need and are stepping in. They are training volunteers to help in their work.

          Check them out.

          1. I’ll also throw out that the organization is looking for OB’s willing to work with Medicaid Refugee patients in a way that respects the birth process and convenient to Clarkston. Interestingly many Clarkston mothers were finding themselves in very high intervention births.

  2. Looks like the renovation project at the big Kroger on Dekalb Industrial has kicked off. They have started tearing down the end of the building. At least I assume it is for that expansion mentioned before.

    Anyone have any insight or details to share?

      1. The store is still open. Not sure how they plan on migrating into the new spaces, but it should be interesting to see.

        1. Contest for the new Kroger nickname: “Big Kroger” no longer seems descriptive enough. “Mega Kroger”? “Mondo Kroger”? “Megamondo Kroger”?

              1. So dead on! I still call it the new Kroger but when giving directions to people that have lived around here for awhile I still comment about “where Kraft” used to be.

  3. Has anyone seen the construction on Dekalb Industrial between Ponce and N Decatur? There’s a huge clearing and a sign that says something like “Dekalb Farmers Market Phase II.” Am I in the dark on this? I thought they were going to be expanding the existing location, not move/adding on.

    1. As Poplar said, it is the backside and I think the intent was to eventually have an entrance from that road. Not sure if that is still in the plan, but I know it was previously.

    2. Aren’t they going to double or triple in size? I can’t think of any indoor market anywhere that would be comparable to that.

      1. My understanding is that it’s supposed to quadruple in total size (doubling the amount of floor space for groceries and customers). Would make it the largest grocery store (or food market, whatever) in the country.

        1. And still plenty of space to leave your cart smack dab in the middle of a thoroughfare while you chat with a friend, check the ole’ text messages, or take 7 minutes to find the very best bok choy in the bin that day.

    3. I’m really confused by all of this. I thought Good Growth DeKalb would have sued and stopped this project by now.

      1. As the occupant won’t be WM, the farmer’s market falls within the exceptions to their opposition to big box retail.

        1. Well, I’ll give you that. The occupant not being Walmart does indeed seem to be the ONLY difference. Every single objection GGD raised against the WM project, from increased traffic to the owner’s employment practices, is present here, and probably even worse.

          In all seriousness, if any GGD supporter would like to explain the difference, I’d love to hear it.

          1. If you look at their website, there is no mention of any retailer other than Walmart. One can’t help but think there is some of degree of snobbery involved. I don’t believe the reaction to a Target in Suburban Plaza would be nearly as hostile, and yet Target is arguably more objectionable in its business practices than Walmart is. But as to the YDFM expansion, I believe the non-reaction is because there aren’t enough of the right kind of back yards very close by for any NIMBYism to take hold.

          2. “In all seriousness, if any GGD supporter would like to explain the difference, I’d love to hear it.”

            I second that emotion.

          3. ” if any GGD supporter would like to explain the difference, I’d love to hear it.”
            It’s because they all shop at YDFM, which is really interesting since the attitude toward employees (and customers) is, if anything, worse than that at WM.

            1. I don’t think anyone really believes that they are motivated by how Walmart treats their employees or their customers. I believe it’s mostly about the perception that Walmart is “low-rent” and that its presence would reflect negatively on their neighborhoods.

        2. Of course, I boycott the “Farmer’s Market” because of the lousy pay, benefits and work conditions they give their employees. Won’t step foot in the place since I read an article in which the owners crowed about lack of health insurance offered employees. I have never understood people who patronize that place but boycott Walmart.

    1. Wow! So most of the retail will move down to the lower, (western), end of the property and the existing building will be warehouse only. I guess they are going to tear down the warehouse that is already there, up hill from Kudzu, and build two stories — loading and warehouse in the basement, retail on the ground floor, level with the parking lot to the east.

      The entrance off DeKalb Industrial looks like it will be a truck entrance as the western face is loading dock and employee parking deck. The customer parking is HUGE. Seems like they could build a parking deck on that side and keep some green space. The nice pasture and woods will be gone.

      1. I believe that Camp Scene Environment in Decatur has some kind of leadership program for 13 year olds. Looked good to me.

        1. Camp Scene is terrific!!
          Also, the City of Decatur Parks and Rec Playbook lists a counselor in training program for 9th and 10th graders.

    1. Hi Trish – my 11 y.o. girl will be doing Girls Rock again this year – she loved it last year.

      It’s all girls, they teach you to play an instrument and the girls get into groups to compose a rock song which they play at Variety Playhouse!!!

      The Indigo Girls and Beverly “Guitar” Watkins stopped by last year.
      Very fun, but as Mostly Late said, only a week long.

    2. Hi!

      I am the Owner and Director of The Science of Fun STEM camps. We have STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) camps this summer for ages 5-14, depending on the week. We have Teen Week July 14 for ages 12-14 that she may like.

      I was the Science Department Chair at Renfroe Middle School and live in Decatur. This is STEM enrichment done the “right” way, in small groups with individualized attention, flexible instruction, low camper:staff ratios, and with a science and math expert leading the activities.

      Here’s the full Summer line up:

      Sessions (descriptions below)
      Session 1: June 23 MAKE week, ages 5-11
      Session 2: June 30 Tech week, ages 9-12
      (closed July 4th)
      Session 3: July 7 STEAM week, ages 5-11
      Session 4: July 14 Teen week, ages 12-14
      Session 5: July 21 MAKE week, ages 5-11

      All sessions have availability at this time.

      MAKE week: make something awesome!
      A hands-on week full of engaging activities such as inflating marshmallows, gravity-defying water, parachutes, water tornadoes, Rube Goldberg machines, and more. Emphasis on air pressure, engineering, and simple machines. (June 23 & July 21 MAKE weeks are the same content.)

      Tech week: technology & electronics
      Technology and electronics take center stage in this week’s camp. Build electrical circuits, electromagnets, a working motor, your own battery, and more! Team up with other campers and your favorite video games like Minecraft and Terraria. BYOT (bring your own technology) Bring your favorite technology device (laptop, tablet, handheld game, iPod, etc.) as well as your Raspberry Pi and Arduino, if you have them. ($299 for 4 -day-week due to increased materials and prep for this camp)

      STEAM week: STEM + Art = STEAM
      Join the STEAM movement! STEM and Art overlap in a fascinating week of hands-on activities such as paper making, fabric dye, mobiles, color exploration, instruments, and more.

      Teen week: advanced STEM for teens
      Teen campers will enjoy their own more advanced STEM camp. Our hands-on week includes highly engaging activities such as water cannons, bristle bots, imploding cans, solar ovens, cartesian divers, amd much more!

      All camps are ideal for boys and girls, repeat campers, and first-time campers. Activities will be tailored to individual needs in small groups.

      No prior knowledge is necessary but advanced learners will also be mentally engaged through sophisticated small group discussions. Many projects are brought home by the camper after they are made.

      Location: Lutheran Church of the Messiah,
      465 Clairemont Ave, Decatur 30030

      Cost: $299/week , $20 registration

      Hours: 9:00-3:00
      (before care 8:00 $10/day, after care 4:00 $10/day, call to request other arrangements)

      Register as a group of 3 or more friends for a $20/week discount per person! Email for more details.

      Registration & contact Information:
      Kristen Thornton-Webb, M.Ed. (Kris Webb)
      [email protected]

      Kris Webb

    3. Trisha when our daughter was 13 she went to summer camp at Paidea. She loved it! Closer to Decatur she did drama camp at Push Push another year and really enjoyed it.

  4. If you walk down to Electric Avenue, behind the new building construction, to Ebster Park, it looks like they have built a giant underground reservoir or retention pool that will be buried under the entire play field. It has concrete slabs, top and bottom, and walls that are at least twelve inches thick and hundreds of concrete columns to support the top.

    Is that what it is, a reservoir? Or something else?

    1. I feel obligated to point out at this juncture that if you rock down to Electric Avenue, you should, I have it on good authority, subsequently commence to take it higher.

  5. Steinbeck’s is moving its annual St Patrick’s Day party from Sunday to Monday (which happens to be St Patrick’s Day)! Live Music, Homemade corn beef, bouncy house for kids, and an appearance by a local bagpiper. Opening at lunch till late night….

    1. Umm is it because of the forecast?
      Most of us have to work, and the kids have school (for a whole half hour later than usual.)

      Maybe I’ll have to “Work” from home that day…

  6. Anyone know of a really good deal on a property survey? “The new survey should include the lot boundary lines dimensioned, lot relationship to the streets, structures on the property, all impervious surfaces, and setbacks of the structures.” I’ve found someone for $360, but wonder if there’s better. Thanks.

    1. We used JD Grace and I think we paid $250..really nice guy-I highly recommend him! (770) 733-4649)

  7. The comment on Good Growth DeKalb reminded me…what is the latest on Suburban Plaza redevelopment? It is so sad to see it just festering there mostly empty.

    1. Still hung up in legal wrangling, apparently. GGD filed an appeal of the dismissal of its lawsuit, which this article indicates could delay any construction until 2015.

      1. So to all those who might have been employed by Wal-Mart much earlier, or who might have had the pleasure or convenicne of shopping there prior to 2015, GGD says, drop dead. Another example of lawsuits making everyone other than lawyers worse off.

        1. The immediate concern is for the existing tenants. Trying to survive in a mostly empty shopping center when you rely heavily on overall customer traffic has really been hard for the small business owners.

    2. GGD keeps fining excuses to go to court and get TROs. I hope when it’s all done that the developer is awarded all the attorney fees they expended. That would put GGD in a real bind.

      1. GGD’s lawsuit and appeals are against DeKalb, so all of us are bearing the costs. The County’s also lost millions in tax revenue due to the delay.

        (Yes, Selig and Walmart have racked up legal bills too. Hopefully they’ll both decide to sue GGD for abusive litigation once all this wraps up. Wouldn’t it be something to see folks actually cheering Walmart and the developer on?! :0)

        1. I do not understand why people are fine with residents and neighbors who are directly impacted by this huge development not to have the right to object. Medlock as a whole does not want WalMart, does not want the traffic and crime that one brings to an area, and thinks WalMart is not the best thing to plop on this valuable piece of property.

          While Decatur goes ballistic over a tree, Medlock is not supposed to object to a development that will negatively impact the entire area.

          1. AMB, it’s certainly your right to hold tight to your own opinion. The ugliness of GGD’s tactics and their declared war on the surrounding neighborhoods has been viewed by many as very damaging. Not everyone has an “anything goes” outlook. Also, I’d wager that the majority of folks are way past ready for the revitalization of Suburban Plaza to get underway.

            (In case you or any other readers aren’t aware, all Suburban Plaza related info can be found on MANA’s website: )

  8. Shameless plug! Students at Decatur High School are performing Hairspray – the musical in the DHS auditorium Thursday, March 20th through Sunday, March 23rd. Tickets are on sale at
    http://dhs.csdecatur. Should be a good show! Hope to see a crowd at every performance as it energizes the cast and crew. (I know that for a fact – our daughter is in the show!)

    1. It’s supposed to be so good that it may sell out. So buy ahead! People had to be turned away from” Anything Goes” for one of the performances last year. And student tickets are even cheaper than general admission. I wish I’d had good sense to bring my kids to high school musicals back when they were young–really inexpensive, good entertainment.

  9. I’m looking for a piano teacher that will come to our house to teach a 35 year old and a 5 year old. Just basic stuff. Any suggestions?

    1. Alan Dynin is great. He has been coming to our house and teaching my 8 year old for the last 3 months or so.

    2. Matt Waucop. Is a really good and talented player and teacher. You can get in touch with him though Oakhurst Presbyterian Church where he directs the choir and youth group.

  10. I need a medical doctor who takes Humana. Would love it if they are fairly close by. Any suggestions for a doctor who takes time to listen to their patients and is competent?

    1. Been very happy with Dr. Chad Costley (and NP Kara Brown) at Ponce Primary Care. First visited him based on recommendations in FF a few years ago, in fact.

    2. My wife and I both use Dr. costley as our primary doctor. He’s personable, discreet and extremely thorough. Would highly recommend.

  11. I need a medical doctor who takes Humana. Would love it if they are fairly close by. Any suggestions for a doctor who takes time to listen to their patients and is competent?

    1. I just left Dr. Costley’s practice. I thought Kara was great. Not too pleased with Dr. Costley. Just my opinion and prefer not to go into more detail.

  12. Hello:

    I’m doing a service project to benefit the Decatur High close up club next Saturday, March 22nd. It’s a “rake and run”. A team of students and an adult supervisor will come to your house for ~1 hr and do any type of hard work you need done (considering safety reasons). Chris/Mr. Billingsley used to run these; some of you probably know him. This is a free service for homeowners but donations are accepted. All donations go to paying for the Close Up trip to DC. Contact me for more details at:

    [email protected]

    I’ve got 6 more spaces to fill in my timesheet. Thank you to everyone who’s already signed up, and I look forward to next weekend!

    Connor Allison

  13. Save the date! Tuesday, March 25th from 5-9pm, Decatur Farm to School is celebrating their Spring Dine Out! Our fabulous list of partners includes Brick Store Pub, Cakes & Ale, The Iberian Pig, Farm Burger, Lawrence’s Cafe, Leon’s Full Service, Matador Cantina, Raging Burrito, Sapori di Napoli, Steinbeck’s, Universal Joint, and Wahoo! Grill. Enjoy a great meal at one of these restaurants and a portion of your purchase will go towards Decatur Farm to School. This event has now become a wonderful tradition that supports the City Schools of Decatur’s efforts to teach our children the importance of their health and well-being. Don’t forget the awesome prizes that are always raffled off, so be sure to purchase your raffle tickets when you go out to enjoy your evening with families and friends.

  14. Any recommendations for an electrician? We need to install some ceiling fans before the weather really heats up. The two rooms we’re looking at do not have pre-existing ceiling fixtures.

    1. Mathew Morgan. You can usually find his ad in the Oakhurst Leaflet.
      Oops, guess you can’t find him that way any more.

    2. I have a great electrician named Cathie Herman. 35 years in the business and always prompt and competent. Love working with her! 404.286.9504 home and 678.613.7133 cell.

    1. My three year old spent the whole day sticking sticks in the ground in an odd, ritualistic pattern. Could be a form of aeration. Want to hire her?

    2. Willie Hall: 404-281-1726 or 404-288-6948

      He’s been doing our yard for 10+ years. Awesome guy.

  15. Wish I wasn’t so late to FFAF, since we have to make a decision on Monday. . . .
    Has anyone worked with Trinity Title for their Title/Escrow management?
    We’re doing a refi and have a choice and I’d prefer to go local if their pricing is competitive and they worked well for someone on this site. Thanks!

    1. I have not had any experience with Trinity Title but I ended up using Southeast Title on North Highland across from Family Dog. I couldn’t be more pleased….they were efficient and easy to work with- solved an issue with my lender as well. And, they were very inexpensive…..$400 for title services and then title insurance is the purchase price X0.0036 +$60. No hidden fees, very straightforward, quite reasonable.

  16. I’m likely just missing something totally obvious, but….
    Where can I find the individual results from this morning’s Tour deCatur? My husband didn’t see his time and had his headphones in so didn’t hear anything either. I need to know how proud of him I should be.

    1. Race results are posted often later the same day or the next day. If you follow DEF on Facebook, they will probably post a link to the results when they are published, as well as race photos. Or you can stalk DEF’s web page. Since it was chip timed this year, they will probably be published pretty quickly.

  17. Any idea when the Decatur sign on E. Ponce de Leon Ave. (close to Ponce Ct.) will be repaired?

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