Pinewood Bartender Tops in the Country and Zagat’s Hot Decatur Area Restaurants

FM Fats points out this Daily Meal post of the Top 25 Best Bartenders in the country, which includes The Pinewood’s Julian Goglia.  Here’s the blurb…

With his chunky black glasses and shaggy haircut, Julian Goglia epitomizes exactly what you’d expect a pharmacist-turned-bartender to look like. While he’s self-described as “kind of a nerd,” Goglia applies much of the same formulas he used in his former career as a pharmacist (“craft bars and compounding pharmacies are really similar,” says Goglia), creating over-the-counter prescriptions for whatever your in need of, and without judgment, from behind the bar at The Pinewood.

Also, a couple of days back, Zagats released it’s list of the 10 Hottest Restaurants in Atlanta.

Recognize any of these?  Kimball House, Pallookaville, Paper Plane, Sobban, Ink & Elm,

Atlanta Eats video of the Pinewood 

4 thoughts on “Pinewood Bartender Tops in the Country and Zagat’s Hot Decatur Area Restaurants”

  1. Love this place and the people are great . . . in fact, we have reservations for tonight and on the 29th we’re going for Cocktail Classroom!

  2. This is bull. How can the best bartender work at a place that doesn’t serve PBR or Jager? What a crock!

  3. I know I have said this before but I will say it everytime “Pinewood” appears: I love their oyster poor boy!

  4. Julian concocted a delightful punch for H. Harper Station’s 3rd Anniversary bash a little while back. Unfortunately I don’t remember anything about it (they were also doing $3 Old Fashioneds that night).

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