Decatur UDO Next Steps: Community Input Meetings Scheduled

Also on tonight’s Commission meeting agenda is a vote to move the Unified Development Ordinance process into “Phase II” by approving entering into an agreement with local planning firm TSW.  In a recent email blast, Commissioner Patti Garrett listed out the topics of the coming “Input Meetings” and when they’re occur…

Our next steps are community input meetings regarding the following areas of our ordinance updates:
Hack the Code:  Community Character, Mar 12
Hack the Code:  Stormwater, Mar 26
Hack the Code:  Sustainability, April 16
Hack the Code:  Zoning Districts, April 23

Be sure to read the March Focus for descriptions of each of these 4 areas as well as other ways to participate in addition to community workshops.

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  1. I hope there is a loud siren and a big, glowing button that reads “PHASE II” that Peggy gets to press. That would be fun.

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