Rake & Run Set For Saturday, March 22nd

Conner writes in…

Hi, all:

My name is Connor Allison and I’m a senior at Decatur High. On March 22nd, from 8:30AM to 4PM, I will be leading a “Rake & Run” as my senior project. A team of Decatur students along with an adult chaperone will come to your house and rake leaves, spread mulch and do other assorted yard work. This is a free service but donations will be accepted. All donations will be used to help pay for the Decatur High Close Up club’s annual trip to Washington, DC. I attended the Close Up trip my sophomore year, and I’m heading back this year. I’ve taken many out of state school trips during my years at DHS, but this trip has been the most meaningful as the opportunities to interact with government are so beneficial to people my age. If you’re not familiar with the trip or foundation, I encourage you to check out the website (closeup.org).

Please contact me at ([email protected]) for a spot. Thank you!

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  1. If “other assorted yard work” includes picking up millions of satanically spawned sweetgum balls, I’ve got a yard for you, Connor!

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