MM: City of Lakeside Closer to Reality, Pullman Yard Redevelopment Talks, and the Oyster Champ


16 thoughts on “MM: City of Lakeside Closer to Reality, Pullman Yard Redevelopment Talks, and the Oyster Champ”

    1. True that most of “City of Lakeside” is nestled between I-85, I-285, and the Stone Mountain Freeway, aka 78.

  1. I may yet be proven wrong about new cities not happening this year. Dumb question: When these new cities incorporate, do the postal addresses change? I have rental property in unincorporated (postal) Decatur and Tucker that would be in Lakeside according to the map.

      1. It might, but it will take a while. Sandy Springs had that issue and it almost took an Act of God before the PO would allow Sandy Springs as the city, rather than Atlanta. The Zip Codes will not change nor will any new ones be created.

        1. Yeah, but I could address a letter to…

          509 N McDonough Street
          Place Where I Gets Mah Beer & Food On, GA 30030

          …and it would still get to city hall here.

  2. “Lakeside” is sure a misleading name. It leads you to expect a city nestled up against the shores of a substantial lake. Instead there’s just a few man-made ponds scattered throughout–e.g. Echo Lake, Silver Lake, North Lake etc., most of which have no public access. But it’s not like the Great Lakes or Lake Claire areas live up to their names either.

    1. The other issue with the name is that it comes from the high school. Many people in Tucker don’t like that fact, as Lakeside is a major high school sports rival.

  3. So while Decatur dithers, Lakeside just made the largest land grab since we ran off the Cherokees. Tucker all the way to Emory, including Northlake, most of Tucker, Toco Hills, Emory.

    Classic over reach. I hope this is defeated.

  4. If the Lakeside proposal is the only one to go through, I’m starting to think the voters wont accept it. I know a bunch in the Valley Brook area that want nothing to do with Lakeside. I imagine alot of Toco Hills folks may be on a similar bent.

    1. North Druid Hills residents were also part of the early Briarcliff camp. Not sure they’d be too excited about Lakeside.

  5. I’m skeptical about it passing a referendum as well. Low turnout would probably help its chances, so supporters will shoot for the May primaries instead of the November ballot. I have quite a number of acquaintances in Oak Grove and Tucker, and the few that even know about the proposal are against it.

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