MM: AJC Covers Racial Profiling Allegations, Burglary Suspect Arrested, and Fernbank Elementary Demolition Begins

24 thoughts on “MM: AJC Covers Racial Profiling Allegations, Burglary Suspect Arrested, and Fernbank Elementary Demolition Begins”

  1. “Decatur……probably has a concentration of more white guilt than any other Georgia locality.”


      1. It’s sad that one incident has led to this kind of article, which is largely based on people’s opinions of one other and of certain neighborhoods.

        And who is the “They” in the third to last paragraph?

          1. Yep. An article full of feelings. And a “they” that appears as though it is directed at a group of people.

    1. …evidently, there’s some good reasons for that white guilt. Not everyone in Beacon Hill was overjoyed with being displaced at a non-negotiable rate from the property they owned for the sake of urban renewal. And there truly was official and then de facto segregation and then unequal resourcing of schools southside vs. northside. That’s not to take away from the fact that sometimes we trip over our white guilt. Closing Westchester because Fifth Avenue was closed, despite good evidence that both areas were about to bust with children, is an example. But a little white guilt is in order, IMHO.

  2. @Bulldog – one incident? The point of the article and what this incident represents is a long-standing issue of racial profiling in Decatur. None of this is largely based on “opinion” but rather, years and years of shared experience.

      1. Don’t want to start this whole cycle over, but just who would confirm it? The police accused of engaging in it? That will never, ever happen.

  3. You can talk the issue into the ground but there is only one thing you CAN do-make sure your behavior is good and true to your best ideals and teach those ideals to your children. The rest is noise and nonsense.

  4. You know, I feel pretty confident that this will finally be the discussion where we all find common ground and end all the racism, which may or may not even exist, forever!

  5. From the linked Saporta article:

    “Selig would do well to contribute voluntarily, however, a token that would temper the resentment built against them in the neighborhood.”

    Roughly translated: “that’s a nice development you got there, Selig. Be a shame if something were to happen to it . . .”

    1. I’m guessing Selig and Walmart are more concerned with the 100,000 people who pass by everyday on their way to somewhere else, rather than the few hundred hundred that are adversely affected by the developement.

      1. A bit of an unfair statement. There has been a lot more back and forth between the largest neighborhood association in proximity to the Selig development than the popular narrative would lead you to believe.

  6. I interpreted it as implying that some people may refuse to shop in any of the stores in the development, not just the Walmart.

  7. That neighborhood association better make sure everything Selig commits to is in writing, legally binding, and somehow actively enforced. Developers in unincorporated Dekalb know they can promise a lot, and be held accountable for little, years later when the project is done. I saw this repeatedly years ago when I lived in (then unincorporated) Brookhaven.

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