Butter and Cream To Serve Ice Cream and Desserts

Many have wondered about the new shop “Butter and Cream”, which is going into the old Taste space on Church Street (MAP).

We got in touch with the owner, Stacey Wisniewski who tells us…

I am very excited about my new shop, Butter and Cream. We will be making and serving delicious ice cream and desserts with fun and inventive flavors. Currently we are anxiously awaiting our building permit so we can get started with construction. Thanks for asking!

Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Butter and Cream To Serve Ice Cream and Desserts”

  1. Uh oh.

    All y’all worried about gang violence – well, here it comes. TEAM YOGURT TAP VS TEAM BUTTER & CREAM

  2. Stacy just invited me to like Butter and Cream on Facebook. Now I know why. She’s the owner! It is described as an ice cream parlor. So maybe everybody should go on FB and like it. Assuming you like ice cream.

  3. Maybe they’ll make gelato too. Either way, at least its ice cream. I dislike frozen yogurt, so this is wonderful news as long as it is good ice cream.

    1. if they do my sister, who’s been to Italy will just complain that it doesn’t taste like “real” gelato. such a gelato snob!

  4. Can anyone share the Facebook page for Butter and Cream? Thanks! When you search for “butter and cream,” MANY entries come up!

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