Updated City of Briarcliff Annexation Map Defers to Decatur Annexation Plan

Ann points to this updated map on the City of Briarcliff Initiative Facebook page that says the initiative has been encouraged to defer to existing city’s annexation plans.  I’ve reached out to the city to see if they have any official response.

13 thoughts on “Updated City of Briarcliff Annexation Map Defers to Decatur Annexation Plan”

  1. Arrrgh. The photo above doesn’t get any bigger, nor does the one on the FB page…*sigh* Curse my middle-aged eyes! Is there any way you can post a bigger photo (or a link to a bigger one), DM?? Sure would ‘preciate it!

    1. I can’t make out the borders either. But since the text mentions not overlapping other cities planned boundaries, I’m assuming Northlake Mall is NOT included.

      1. I believe the purple and red thing to the left of the bottom 285 logo is the Northlake commercial area, so yes, it is in their map. If they had removed it from their map, the Tucker cityhood movement would be celebrating wildly right now, but they don’t appear to have commented on this.

      2. The map appears to follow N Decatur eastward to Lawrenceville Hwy and then out to I-285. If correct, that means neither Northlake, nor North DeKalb are included in Decatur, but the Publix strip mall and Suburban Plaza are.

        I don’t see anything happening this year, either, especially with election season upon us. We’ll see. Don’t be surprised if they come out in full force next year, though…

  2. I don’t think any of these plans are going anywhere this year, and certainly not one sponsored by a Democrat.

  3. I am surprised at the degree to which this issue hits me in the heart. I don’t want to live in Briarcliff. Will I have to read Briarcliff Metro? Support the Briarcliff Book Festival? The Briarcliff Wine Festival? Why can’t they just leave me alone?

  4. Avondale Estates is talking with representatives of the neighborhoods to its west to Katy Kerr about annexation. The souther border would be Columbia Drive and the northern border would be E College. They already have annexed the business strip on E College.

  5. The City Manager responded saying “We had discussions with the organizers of the Briarcliff city hood efforts and they were open to amending the map to reflect the City of Decatur’s interests.”

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