MM: Commission Meeting, Avondale Home Brewing, and the Streetcars are Here!

13 thoughts on “MM: Commission Meeting, Avondale Home Brewing, and the Streetcars are Here!”

  1. America’s Test Kitchen did a tasting of coffee last week. Peet’s won over Starbucks and a few other brands. I think their K-Cups are also very good.

    1. When we moved to Atlanta in the 80’s good coffee wasn’t easy to find. We used to regularly mail order from Peets. It’s been very reasonably priced at $8 for 12 ounces at Publix lately and is our backup when we can’t make a Dancing Goats run.

      1. Strangely enough, I actually like the Starbucks beans you can buy at Kroger, etc.better than Peets, but I don’t care for Starbucks coffee at all in the shop.

    2. I was really disappointed when the Peet’s takeover of Carribou didn’t happen. I’ll be looking forward to the growth of Peet’s here!

      1. What is it that fell through? I thought both Peet’s and Caribou were now owned by the same group and that it meant that in some parts of US Caribou would stay and in some parts Caribou would become Peet’s. I’m sure in some instances it just meant the closing of a store, like the Caribou I used to go to regularly on Powers Ferry in Marietta.

  2. Let’s all remember after Walmart opens who cares about the community: Give Dave and Tony at Intown Ace your business.

    1. Not a problem! No way is Walmart going to spend the time finding me just the right 19 cent bolt that fits and matches my cabinet hinge! And no way will Walmart ever have the neat general store type stuff that Intown has. I don’t know who is making the buying choices for the feminine side of the store, but they have great taste.

    2. Sure, we can just forget about the Walmarts that opened up as shelters during the 2-inch snow emergency. Heartless corporate losers.

  3. Great story about the Intown Ace and it’s commitment to excellence and our community.

    It feels sort of bizarre to be proud of the fact that I am a frequent customer there, but nevertheless, I am…

  4. The book festival moved into a new office that needed painting this month. Anyone want to guess which hardware store donated the paint? Anyone? Bueller?

  5. Loved, loved, loved Peet’s stores out west, hope they’re as good here. That was before their corporate expansion, when they roasted in the store.

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