8 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

    1. Yes. And it damned well better be locally sourced, organic, gluten-free and contain absolutely no nuts. In fact, it had better be prepared in a facility and with utensils that have never come in contact with gluten or nuts. It should also be kosher or halal, though we’ll forgive the lack of such certification so long as such standards have been substantially complied with.

      Really, this is not too much to ask…

    2. I’m as conservative as they come, but when I can walk to a gourmet dinner for free; count me in. Yes, it was delicious. Thank you Souper Jenny for coming to town.

  1. DATELINE: The People’s Republic of Decatur – Huddled crowds await soup and bread at a local commissary, in a region plagued by harsh winter storms.

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