Eye on the Street

Oakhurst principal

“Oakhurst Elementary’s new principal, Robin Fountain, out helping shovel snow as students arrive on 2 hour delay today.”

Oakhurst Elementary School, Decatur GA (pic courtesy of April)

In related news, Decaturish reports that the Board of Education voted this morning to extend the school day by 30 minutes starting March 1st to make up for the time lost during this week’s winter storm.

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  1. NIce pic of nice principal. You could have taken a similar one at Renfroe this morning. Principal Thomas and staff were out there hacking away at the glare ice on the sidewalk (and shooing off the middle schoolers who couldn’t resist sliding on it despite the presence of a big orange barrier.)

  2. great photo of our neighbor and our former IC at Clairemont! luv you – Robin – good luck at Oakhurst!

  3. Robin is a wonderful person however, can truly say after working at Oakhurst for 10 years that has always been the altitude of every person at Oakhurst .Do whatever you can to make the students sucessful.

  4. I agree it is great that the Principal’s pitched in to do what was necessary but don’t we have employees who do this kind of work? Why weren’t these schools cleared on Thursday?

    1. At Renfroe, Mr. Thomas was accompanied by facility staff. But the job needed to be done quickly so he was doing what needed to get done. Plus only the principal has half a shot at keeping kids from sliding on the irresistibly icy sidewalk. I like a principal who is out greeting the kids as they come in, not sitting behind a desk.

      Re doing the sidewalks yesterday, most staff were at home where the Governor and safety experts said they should stay put. Plus it was hard to predict yesterday morning which slushy areas were going to turn into clear pavement by sundown and which were going to morph into ice blocks.

      1. I know better than to argue with you, but that is bologna. Some people need to work on “snow days”. CSD Facilities should have had a crew working on Thursday to prep the school grounds for the possibility of opening on Friday. I refuse to give a pass on this one.

  5. Saying they should have had a crew there and getting them there are two different things. How many take MARTA buses? Those weren’t running. What if they couldn’t get out of their driveway and/or street?
    I’m sorry, but prepping schools for the possibility of opening is not, in my opinion, “essential work” that necessitated being on the roads Thursday when officials had asked people to limit travel to such work.

    1. COD employees got to work. I’m pretty sure the MARTA limitations affected them as well. My guess is the failure was at the leadership level.

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