Ice Storm Open Thread – Wednesday

I’m not sure we need separate “what’s open?” and “How are the roads?” posts today. Seems like the answer is generally speaking is, “Not much.” and “They are all bad.”.

But here’s a new open thread to swap storm stories, report power outages, and trade info during this lovely weather event.

Also, feel free to send in your photos from the ice storm to [email protected] and I will post them!

75 thoughts on “Ice Storm Open Thread – Wednesday”

  1. CVS was open as of a bit ago.

    Thumbs Up has a sign that will open at 9am today and tomorrow.

    Starbucks on the square is closed.

    Cafe Lily and Fernbank tweeted they are closed today.

  2. Go out and listen to it! The sound is amazing. My dogs were not appreciative, but it’s a lovely sound that you don’t hear every day.

  3. Sun In My Belly sent an email saying they would be open for brunch today at 9 but closed today for dinner.

  4. Anyone know where I can score some firewood within walking distance of the square? I have a couple sticks, but I got a sinking feeling I’m gonna need a more significant amount.

    1. Don’t know the answer to your question, but it might help some to turn up your heat as high as you can stand it. If you lose power it will take longer to get cold.

        1. I think I passed a huge pile of firewood mesh bags walking into Baby Kroger two days ago. That’s not why I was there so I wasn’t paying total attention but I’m pretty darn sure.

          1. made the icy trek out to the shed to locate two pots – had all other items inside – trying it out as I am typing this.

    2. On College in that little strip just west of the East Lake Marta is a small engine repair shop and they have been selling firewood. I got a truckload from them early in the season and they also sell smaller bundles.

    1. I think that was from yesterday when the Lamont/Vidal folks didn’t have power for a few hours. Luckily, power was restored around 10:30.

  5. From MARTA…

    MARTA cancels buses due to winter storm

    MARTA has canceled bus service for Wednesday. MARTA said it will operate train service on Wednesday, but will run on a holiday schedule.

    Rail service was scheduled to begin at 4:35 a.m. Wednesday with trains running approximately every 15 minutes on all lines until about 2 a.m. on Thursday. MARTA is asking rail customers to exercise patience and plan extra time to complete their trips. Depending on conditions, MARTA’s rail schedule is also subject to change.

    “Safety will always be our first and foremost priority,” said Keith T. Parker, MARTA’s GM/CEO. “Until weather conditions improve, we’ll continue to provide as much rail service as we possibly can and restore bus and Mobility service as soon as it’s feasible.”

    MARTA spokesman Lyle V. Harris said the decision regarding bus service is consistent with the directive issued by Gov. Nathan Deal who has instructed most vehicles to stay off the highways in order to facilitate treatment of road surfaces by salt and sand trucks.

    Although MARTA buses will not be operating on their regularly scheduled routes, some will be deployed as “warming stations” to provide comfort and shelter at various locations for motorists, truckers and others.

  6. Chai Pani tweet : We will be closed today for lunch and dinner. You all stay safe and warm!

    MoJo Pizza tweet : Mojo Pizza N Pub will be open at noon today, break out the dogsled and mush on over for.

    Taqueria del Sol tweet : We’re closed today folks! Stay warm and safe.

  7. Snoball Cafe tweet : We’re closed today in #decaturga and #stonemountain village. See y’all on the other side of the big freeze!

    Oakhurst Market tweet : Also Steinbeck’s and Universal Joint will be open today also!

    Corner Pub tweet : The Pub will be open from 12 noon today until…. Obviously the weather has a little to do with this.

    Dancing Goat tweet : We are open and serving delicious hot coffee. Come see us if you can do so safely and take home coffee that was just roasted yesterday.

  8. COD is scraping the road on Sams Street between College and the Engineering/Public Works Bldg. Dunno where else they’re at work…

  9. Java Monkey : Open.

    Brick Store sign : Closed today. Will try to open at 11am tomorrow.

    Leon’s sign : Closed today.

    Yogurt Tap sign : Closed today.

    Word-of-mouth : Victory and Square Pub are open.

    Little Shop tweet : We will be closed today! Hope to reopen tomorrow at 10am.

    Big Tex tweet : We were gonna give it a go.. But were gonna let everyone stay safe and warm and get ready to go for tomorrow!

    Farm Burger tweet : Due to the winter weather @FBDecatur @FBDunwoody @FBBuckhead & @FBAsheville will be closed today, 2/12 Stay warm & Farm Friends!

  10. The Marlay is opening at noon today thanks to our nearby crew making the treacherous trek. Closing time to be determined – Basic menu.

  11. Anyone think the streets or sidewalks are cross-country ski-able as transportation around town? I’m hearing more slushy than hard pack.

  12. Ted’s sign : Closed today. Open at 11am tomorrow.

    Green Ginger : I see people walking in. Probably open.

    Taco Mac tweet : All Taco Macs, except for @TMacEastRoswell, @TMacCrabapple and @TacoMacPhilips are open today. Call your Taco Mac for hours & menu info.

    Marlay House tweet : The Pub is opening at noon today thanks to our nearby crew making the treacherous trek. Closing time to be determined – basic menu – Cheers

  13. Pinewood tweet : After realizing we’re not allowed to let sled dogs inside, we’ve decided to close for the evening. Stay safe & keep your pups warm. #SnOMG

    Cakes & Ale tweet : The restaurant and the café are closed today & tonight. Stay safe & warm!

    Oakhurst Market tweet : Freshly baked cookies are coming out of the oven now. Brownies coming soon! Stay tuned …

    Taj Ma-Hound tweet : We are closed today …to play in the snow. We will be open tomorrow provided we have power. Stay tuned!

  14. Downtown Decatur tweet : It’s really ugly out, pls stay indoors. If you need help in city of #DecaturGA call police at 404-373-6551 #pax #atlice

    Oakhurst Market tweet : We will be closing tonight at 6 PM. We will have some roasted chicken available for purchase (hot) with several

    The Iberian Pig tweet : The Pig is Open Tonight!

    Twains tweet : 3:20 and the kitchen has closed down. We’re still good for a few drinks though

    Tweet : @DancingGoatsATL is open till 4. We’ll be there 8-4 tomorrow too!

    Raging Burrito tweet : What a Crazy winter it has been this year! We plan to reopen at 12 tomorrow for you to enjoy our Queso

  15. Sidewalk the spousal unit shoveled clear this morning is already re-covered again. *sigh* Reeeeally hoping the power lines hold! Stay safe & warm, everyone.

  16. Dancing Goats tweet : Hey y’all, we’re going to do it again tomorrow. We will be open tomorrow from 8-4, if all goes as planned.

    Piece of Cake tweet : Piece of Cake will be closed tomorrow, Thursday Feb 13th. Hopefully the weather will get better in time for Valentines Day!

    Meltons tweet : Closing the kitchen at 7, but will stay open until 8ish. Please come on in!!

    Taco Mac tweet : Taco Mac locations closing @5pm today (part 1): Buford, Canton, Crabapple, Cumming, Decatur, Douglasville, Duluth, East Roswell, Marietta.

  17. If you haven’t been out, you ain’t missing much. It’s like walking in a Sno-Cone out there. Yech.

      1. I stocked up Monday night. Also glad to have power, but afraid it can’t last. Power lines look totally iced.

  18. Downtown Decatur tweet : New post: All City of Decatur offices closed Thurs. Feb. 13

    The Imperial Bar tweet : Kitchen open til 7. Bar closes at 8. Trying to be safe.

  19. CVS is closed. Lots of disappointed folks who can’t get in to get in to get their necessities.

    Taco Mac has people going in despite the tweet that they are closing at 5pm …

  20. SquarePub tweet : Kitchen is closing at 9 tonight. Bar is open until people stop coming. Open tomorrow at 12.

    (Getting dinner here now, and there’s quite a crowd!)

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