7 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. I am hopeful that locating CSD admin closer in to City admin will make communication and collaboration between the two entities more natural and robust.

    Also hope that there’s room in there for a permanent exhibit about the community that once occupied the grounds of that complex, Allen Wilson Terrace, Swanton Hill, W. Trinity, Gateway, the Calloway Building, Courthouse parking deck, Atlanta Ave., the high school, and other areas. The more I learn about it the more I realize what was lost. Homeowners who had to leave because of eminent domain had to accept what was offered for their homes and land. They were told that there would be homes to move back into after the urban renewal but so much of the community was converted to municipal buildings that there wasn’t room for many to come back. Renting in public housing wasn’t the equivalent of owning one’s own land and home, however humble. Stores and businesses were gone forever. There was no equivalent of tribal land and treaties. Of note, there’s still regular reunions of the people and families who used to live on those streets, many of which streets no longer exist. The reunion t-shirts are great.

    1. My understanding is that there will be historical information included. I attended some public input sessions a while back when plans were being made for the complex and that was a strongly expressed desire.

  2. Look at all those trees in the picture… Is there a pasture back there? Looks like well below 50% canopy coverage…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  3. Is that a lake of shiny water running right up to the doorsteps? Or is that floodwater because all the trees are gone? Either way, it looks pretty.

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