Monday Funday: Parody Ads Tellin’ It Like It Is

It seems increasingly common that talk of Decatur comes to include the phrase, “Victim of its own success.” And it’s true. Our years of vision and hard work are absolutely paying off, with all the challenges such transformation entails.

For better or for worse, we’re on the map.

So that got me thinking: What if the city ran a series of ads that played up some of our most desirable qualities, but in a way that made them seem a little less desirable?

Could we, with a healthy dose of painful honesty, maybe turn the heat down a bit?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Decatur and see the Town Center Plan and subsequent Strategic Plans as visionary models for collaborative community building. But, dang! I don’t want us to flame out. Be a flash in the pan. For everyone’s sake, our renaissance needs to be long-term proposition.

So, submitted for your approval are three parody ads (two fall after the jump) addressing a handful of our most discussed and presumably admired qualities: our restaurant scene; our schools; and our sense of community.

Maybe they can help slow things down a bit to a more manageable pace of change. What do you think? Take a gander (click each ad for a larger view), then put on your Don Draper hat and submit some parodies of your own. We’ll even mock up the funniest, most affectionate ones if they’re fleshed out with headline and text.

Decatur Fake Ads-1

Decatur Fake Ads-2

Decatur Fake Ads-3

15 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Parody Ads Tellin’ It Like It Is”

  1. Looking for a romantic night out with no kids? You came to the wrong place. Even the bars have children’s menus. Decatur. Family friendly… or else.

    something something tree canopy something something property rights something something if you want to do whatever you want on your lot move out to oconee county already something something DECATUR, NO, *WE* SPEAK FOR THE TREES.

    1. Maybe we should have got him to focus his talents in the other Snowpocalypse brain child : Decatur Arbor Day Festival 2014 😉

  2. You’ll have neighbors so observant and paranoid, they’ll call the cops on the “suspicious” guy walking down the street, even if he lives three doors down.

  3. We aim to please with all things dogs.

    where neighbors leave out poop containers, manicure lawns for paw comfort and line the walkways with trees.

  4. Hilarious ads, I love making fun of ourselves. Kinda like a Portlandia episode! VERY creative.

    However I don’t agree with the intent of this.

  5. What a great idea, funny too. I have been saying something similar to friends–come up with a way to make Decatur just a little less popular.
    You could add one about all the coyotes we have.

  6. Concerned about crime? We are too. In Decatur, we just leave our cars unlocked to make life easier for our local ne’er-do-wells! It’s just part of our committment to friendly neighborhoods and clean streets – who wants to sweep up broken glass?
    Decatur: NO RADIO IN CAR

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