Snowpacolypse II aka “Wintry Mix” Headed For Atlanta This Week

Yeah, so in case you’ve been offline most of the weekend, this might come as a bit of a surprise to you.

Apparently “Winter Storm Pax” is headed across the South over the next few days and we should expect some icy conditions, especially late Tuesday into Wednesday.  But Atlanta is right on the cusp of ice and rain on Tuesday – as seen above – so it certainly promises to be another interesting week for us all.

Map courtesy of the Weather Channel

41 thoughts on “Snowpacolypse II aka “Wintry Mix” Headed For Atlanta This Week”

    1. Mommy fail! I had an upset toddler last snowmageddon as we didn’t have a sled here!! Wonder if I can get one anywhere?! Any ideas on what to use in lieu of a real one.

      1. A baking sheet or metal trash can lid will do in a pinch…you could get one from Amazon, sent overnight mail…

      2. I’m an ATL native and I totally grew up sledding on baking sheets down the tiny hill next to our house. That was the extent of my sledding fun as a kid but it was awesome.

  1. I bought a brand new 4 wheel drive Sat, but will be afraid to drive it! What if someone hits the shiny new car!

  2. So who wants to bet schools will be closed Tuesday through Thursday? Will be very surprised if there isn’t a big overreaction this time.

    1. I sincerely hope they DO close the schools. You can’t critique them one week for not reacting enough and then critique them for overreacting. I’m sure the folks stuck in their cars for 20 hours wouldn’t have minded a little bit over overreaction either.
      Better to be safe than sorry, as they say.

      1. I didn’t mean to imply that closing the schools would necessarily be an overreaction, especially now that they are calling for a fairly large winter storm (Glenn Burns tweeted that schools will likely be closed Tuesday-Friday). But whether we get a little or a lot of winter precipitation, I expect there will be an overreaction.

        1. Yeah I hear you! I think that anything less than an overreaction would be deemed a failure I suppose! I’m not sure I would have liked to have been the decision maker last time!!! I guess it makes it easier this time – tell everyone to stay home and thereby alleviate any blame games! Let’s hope everyone says safe and those with kids at home for a week stay sane 🙂

    1. This is all my fault. I had an emergency hearing that got cancelled two Wednesdays ago because of the weather. Rescheduled for, yep, this Tuesday. The snow/ice sh*t storm will hit for sure.

            1. Nope, I’ve got that one covered too. There are different levels of emergency. And maybe a slightly different legal definition. It doesn’t have to rise to the level of “Oh no, Steinbeck’s is closed!” to be an “emergency”.

  3. Missed the last snowpacolypse due to business travel. Got the sleds ready to go with the kids if it hits this week.

    Any suggestions on the best hill in Decatur for sledding?

  4. OMG. This has gotten to the point where I’m not worried about missing planned and paid for February trips because of making up school days, but because of making up work.

    I know January 2011 and this year may be just part of the normal variation of weather patterns, but if next year is like this again, it’s time for Atlanta to accept that the new normal is wilder weather fluctuations including major winter storms. Time to invest in more snow equipment, sand, etc. and more disaster planning.

  5. Ugh. Please give us a half foot of snow over ice. Useless for fun. Not looking forward to being cooped up for a a couple/few days again with the kiddos.

  6. Atlanta Schools are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. I totally understand closing tomorrow given all that’s happened in the last month. I don’t see why Wednesday has to be decided so early.

    Oh well. I’m numb at this point. I just pray that there’s no trees falling and power outages.
    I’m not taking the outdoor faucet covers and the ersatz basement insulation off until 2017.

    Anyone, teacher, parent, or student who wants to lead any of my children’s classes at my house are welcome walk on over, gather here, and go for it.

    1. If the current forecasts are accurate, Wednesday and likely Thursday are going to be very bad. Ice storms are the worst weather we get here outside of tornadoes.

  7. limited parking at publix at around 11:30am – store is crazy busy. I spent more time looking for parking then in line – thank you publix employees – job well done 🙂

    1. This explains why the Big Kroger was out of EVERYTHING green and/or fresh last night. I thought it was just because it was Sunday night. Duh.

    2. Customers were crazy at Publix around 12:30 today. The store had to make announcements for people to please NOT park in the emergency lanes. Really, people? It is 48 degrees outside for pete’s sake. And just abandoning your empty carts wherever suits you? 45 seconds to take the silly thing back inside or at least to one of the receiving corrals?

      1. “And just abandoning your empty carts wherever suits you? 45 seconds to take the silly thing back inside or at least to one of the receiving corrals?”

        Pure laziness, and on par with littering in my opinion. And wouldn’t you bet those same people would be the first to raise holy hell if one of those carts rolled into their car and dinged it? Which is the exact fate they deserve.

  8. DeKalb closed tomorrow. To their credit, they are waiting a little before pronouncing on Wednesday.

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