13 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

    1. I have a similar sign in my front yard in which passers-by acknowledge their responsibility for modest licensing fees for their temporary visual utilization of my personal aesthetic property, henceforth referred to as “looking at my house.”

      The revenues keep me in beers.

  1. you are not the boss of me Bonanza.

    if you capture my pie hole stuffed with The Heap (bacon, over medium, biscuit) as i dine at Thumbs Up, i fully expect to see my name listed in your film’s credits as “Handsome Diner Eater”.

    or else.

  2. I got a right to pick a little fight, Bonanza Productions.

    (any idea what this is for, in particular?)

  3. Sorry to threadjack, but I thought this sounded interesting. Reportedly Jonah Hill will play Richard Jewell ( the wrongly accused Olympic Park bombing suspect, for you Atlanta newbies) in an upcoming film. Leonardo DiCaprio will play his attorney. No word on who, if anyone, will play the coward who actually planted the bomb, or whether it will be shot in Atlanta.


    1. And BTW, Jewell was a graduate of the school I attended during 8th and 9th grade, Towers High School, in (unincorporated) Decatur.

  4. I was at work, but I’m told they parked a fire truck in our driveway yesterday. I’m sending them a bill.

  5. Nothing is “irrevocable”, not marriage vows, not pensions, not my tacit permission.

    What I want to see is a sign guaranteeing me world-wide exposure if I walk down that sidewalk. I’m dressing particularly stylishly today.

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