Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis Movie Wraps Up Filming in Decatur

filming sycamore

SteveC sends in this pic of filming on the Decatur First property yesterday.

The city’s Katie Abel tells us that Lila and Eve – a movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis – was shooting in the city this week.  Filming wrapped up yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis Movie Wraps Up Filming in Decatur”

  1. The bright lights were still shining and the caterers still cleaning at 8:30 p.m. last night. Unfortunately I did not catch a glimpse of the fantastic Viola.

  2. I almost took that same photo. I was intrigued by Agnes Scott having jurisdiction. I also very much remembered shooting Zombieland in that same block on what seemed like an equally cold day…where we were casually walking down the sidewalk on what was supposed to be a summer day (apparel-wise) in movieland. It’s extra hard to slowly stroll when it’s THAT cold and you’re in shirt sleeves…

    1. It’s not a jurisdiction issue for Agnes Scott Police, it’s that they hired an off-duty Agnes Scott police officer to manage traffic issues.

  3. The lights and humming of the power generator were still on at 3am this morning. This was neat to see, but I couldn’t help but notice that the crew left a huge mess after vacating. The ashtray with sand was dumped on the sidewalk, and loose trash left all over the property 🙁

  4. We passed the crew packing up last night on our way to dinner. Bright, BRIGHT lights were still shining…

  5. Hunger Games 3 is still filming at the old Pullman Yard just south by the Edgewood / Candler Park station. We’re all famous!

  6. Neat. Is there a site that shows us what’s going to be filming around Decatur? I could time my walk/jog schedule around those areas just for some movie set glimpse.

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